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Comment on Ask a Leader: Summer Learning Special by Josephine
Congratulations on this wonderful initiative, Ramya! Our readers will be thrilled with this opportunity and we can't wait to share with them the answers they have been looking for. Our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for our Fearless Leaders who accepted the challenge to answer the questions!!

Comment on 6 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure by Scott Moore
This is a good article, and I like the very first point the most. It is what keeps me going. I focus on growth, knowing that every individual who has been successful has weathered some tough times getting there. I have learned to do my best to continue investing in myself until I find the right combination. Thanks for the article. Scott Moore

Comment on 6 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure by Gene Erwin
Great ideas! Thank you for listing them.

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Jimmy Smith

"Yeses build your business; NO's build your CHARACTER"

—Jimmy Smith


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