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July/August 2014 - The Power of Partnership

In our cover story, Rich DeVos talks about his partnership with his wife Helen and his business partners Jay Van Andel . The Our Times column shows the benefits and caveats of business partnerships—whether they consist of two leaders sharing the same distributorship, couple partnerships, spouses building different teams or companies, or team/accountability partners.

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Networking Times Highlights

Direct Sales is a Worthy Profession, Not a Plan B
- Don Karns
Why are we seeing an upturn in the number of people turning to direct sales as an income source in the last few years?

Partners Are Precious
- Dr. Josephine Gross
To accumulate lasting riches, put people first and learn to build true partnerships.

Welcome to America!
- Patrick Bet-David
Do immigrants have a secret shortcut to success in network marketing? Be inspired to adopt some of their mindsets and apply them to your own business.

Boundaries Create Harmony
- Sandra Bienkowski Bilbray
First determine the lifestyle you want, then craft your business around that vision. When we are happy, we are more productive.

Lead Interview:
The Power of Partnership
Subscriber Only

Richard DeVos | Lead Interview

Born in 1926 in Michigan, Richard DeVos is an American businessman who partnered with Jay Van Andel to found what would become the biggest direct selling company in history to date. “We were just two guys who wanted to have a business of our own,” says Rich. “We were two kids who were hungry for more

Master Networker:
Team Work Makes the Dream Work
Subscriber Only Travis and Summer Flaherty | Master Networker
Travis and Summer Flaherty are network marketing professionals who are raising their five children in Phoenix, Arizona. They got married fourteen years ago and built a successful conventional business, but when a friend introduced them to network marketing, they immediately recognized it as a much more

Master Networker:
Freedom of Choice
Subscriber Only Jay Coburn | Master Networker
Jay Coburn is a network marketing leader whose first exposure to the business happened thirty-five years ago. He fell in love with the personal development and the promise of residual income, so he built several companies on a part-time basis over the years. It wasn't until he found a company and more

Master Networker:
Partners in Success
Subscriber Only Kevin Marino and Bob Doran | Master Networker
Kevin Marino and Bob Doran are business partners building one and the same distributorship. They don't recommend this to anyone else, but love to share their story of how it worked so well for them. Their success is due to a shared entrepreneurial spirit, matching work ethic, complementary skill more

Free Training Articles

Should You Form a Corporation or an LLC?
Scott Burnett, Esq.

Whether you are full-time or only a part-time network marketer, everyone in our business can benefit from forming a Corporation or an LLC. There are two basic reasons why I say this: taxes and growth.

First, no matter what your level of involvement is in network marketing, you are going to make income. Your goal, as a business owner, is to have that money taxed at the lowest rate allowed by law. If you are doing this business as a sole proprietor, you are going to pay more in taxes. Period... read more

Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Using Web 2.0
Jackie Ulmer

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of Social Media Marketing? Tweet this? What is a Twitter? Getting FACED on Facebook? Video Marketing? Are you kidding? What does all of this mean for you?

Relax, we are going to cover some specifics you will need to know and break it down into bite-size chunks for you to explore and master!

How would your business change if you had people coming to you, pre-qualified and already interested in your business? What if you were "hunted" instead of the "hunter"?... read more

How Women Become Top Leaders in Network Marketing
Sonia Stringer

Women and network marketing seem to fit together as perfectly as chocolate and peanut butter. Perhaps it's because success in this business is so dependent on factors like teamwork, collaboration, coaching and connection – generally traits that come naturally to women.

Or perhaps the great income opportunity (paired with time flexibility) is what attracts women of all ages offering a perfect solution for moms who want to be home with their kids, or college kids/baby boomers who want to work part time around other commitments.

Whatever the reason, women obviously love the direct sales model (as indicated in a recent report from the DSA showing over 80% of this profession is made up of women). This brings up an important question; if this business opportunity is so perfect for women, why then are men still dominating the top levels of leadership/income across the profession? ... read more

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