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Coming Soon—Mar/Apr 2017 Issue

Our Mar/Apr 2017 issue revisits “The Secret—10 Years Later.” Dr. Joe Vitale, Denis Waitley, and Dianne Collins talk about the Law of Attraction in business. Featured Master Networkers are Anahi Borbolla, Donna Johnson & Thomas Tidlund, Angel Fletcher & Ryan D. Higgins. CEO Corner features Travis Martin, David Brown, Shawn Gibson, and Derek Bailey. Rising Stars are Indra Purba & Priscilla Kaurow, Jennifer Maret Moran, and Phebe Trotman. We appreciate these top achievers for sharing their best secrets!

Networking Times Mar/Apr 2017 Issue

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The Gateless Gate—Obstacles Exist Only in the Mind
The first personal development book I ever read was M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled, published in 1978. Remember the opening line? Life is difficult. Similarly, the first of the Four Noble Truths Buddha taught in the fifth century BC was “Life is suffering.” Today, this truth is not particularly popular. We believe life should be easy...
February 17, 2017
5 Traits of Great Business Leaders
Two people can grow up in the same town, attend the same schools, hold the same social status, have parents with similar incomes, beliefs, and family values, yet one individual will excel in business far beyond the level of the other. One will succeed; one will settle. One will rise, one will remain. One will...
February 14, 2017
Understanding What Customers Tell Us (or Don't)
In the world of sales and customer service, what people say and what they mean are not always the same thing. Unfortunately, many of us are listening impaired when it comes to getting to the heart of our customers' messages. Maybe in six months. I'm just looking. I can get it on sale somewhere else...
February 12, 2017

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