The Invisible Force Affecting Every Decision

Please meet your Beliefs. They are so deep-rooted at the subconscious level that you often don’t even know they are there. But they are – helping (?) you to make every decision in life.

Your beliefs can create circumstances and events in your life that bring you great success (whatever that means to you) but more often than not, they are the catalyst to hold us back from what we want in life. The past is not in the past. It is right in front of you affecting every decision you make.

Many of our limiting beliefs develop during our childhood. From the time we are born until the age of around 6 to 8 years, our mind is like an empty computer ready to be programmed. Children learn as much from what they hear/are taught as from what they see/observe. They are like sponges soaking up experiences and information. Another point to consider (especially if you are a parent and thinking “OMG my child…”) is that we often can’t control how our children (or we) interpret a random event and the effect that could have on our future.

Let me explain with an example.

Often we find that people who are born into abundance, continue to have abundance throughout their lives. They seem to believe it is their natural right. It may have nothing to do with an inheritance; they just have a mindset of abundance and it always seems to be there for them.

Another example is culture. Why do we find so many similarities in how people behave in certain communities and cultures? Because their belief systems are often so similar! They have been taught the same things and have observed the same things, which when they grow up become the steering wheel for their actions and decisions.

While we may not know what many of these “limiting beliefs” are, there is a way to detect them.

Your physical environment is a reflection of your subconscious programming. If  you have wanted something for some time, yet it is not appearing in your life, you probably have a limiting belief around being able to achieve/attract it into your life. These limiting beliefs are buried deep at the subconscious level. As Time magazine recently commented, “It’s the unconscious that’s really in charge.” While the number varies slightly, most studies indicate that somewhere between 95-98 percent our the decisions are made at the subconscious level.

Knowing that presents a strong case for getting in touch with your subconscious. Some ways you can immediately and consciously “investigate” the subconscious is to think about what it was that you were taught when you were younger. What did you see around you? What was your environment like? In what ways have you become just like your parents or your immediate family? These answers can be very effective clues to help you identify limiting beliefs.

Some common patterns I have seen after working with clients from around the world include:

  • Children whose parents both worked when they were growing up often have feelings of unworthiness once they reach adulthood. As a child, they believed they were not worthy of their parents time. No one was there to play with them. This can have a serious effect on an individual’s confidence and belief in their ability.
  • Children who had something taken away from them at a young age, no matter how insignificant it was, can develop a belief system that nothing is ever theirs to have. This can manifest in many ways in their physical reality. Examples of this may include not being able to maintain relationships or permanent housing.

These stories need to be rewritten.

Time to Move Forward

Once you have identified common trends in your culture and similarities that you have with close family members, it’s time to dive in. The only way out is through. But you need to do this from a quiet space; a place where you won’t be interrupted. You need to shut down the mind and listen to your inner guidance that is always there to support you. Once calm, set the intention to understand and see experiences and situations from your past that were the catalyst for your limiting beliefs.

It isn’t what happens to us in life, it is the story we attach to the situation. That is what you need to rewrite. Often when we experience something unpleasant in the past, we run from it and try to shut it out of our minds, but this will never serve you. My clients are always surprised that despite their fear of going back, once they do, they realize it doesn’t sting like it used to. And then, together we rewrite the story and heal the part of the physical body where it is sitting.

The only way out is in! While you can do this with a professional or an accountability partner (a friend, for instance), you can also do it alone. The key is giving yourself the time and space to clear your mind and dive inside.

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Often, in order to support people, we use specific scents. This is because scent is the one thing that can connect us to the emotional brain. If you smell a perfume from a past beautiful relationship, you can be taken back to those memories immediately. If you smell something your grandmother used to cook, you find yourself being transported back to your childhood. Scent can be used to support our emotions and calm the mind during the process of subconscious reprogramming.

The wonderful reality is that you can actually see the result of your work. There is no need to wonder if it was indeed effective. As your subconscious reprogramming works, you will see your physical environment change. This can be immediate. That’s when you will realize how powerful your mind really is.

Taking the time to connect to your past and listening to the whispers of your physical body can allow you to break through your past, rewrite your personal story, and start to see the signs of the new, uninhibited you.


Originally from Australia, Louise Corbett has spent the last 10 years living all over the world, from Europe to the Middle East, and has been in Asia for the last 5 years. Louise is a Certified Intuitive Life Coach and gym/yoga junkie. She is passionate about helping people find their unique life purpose and connect to their intuition.




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