Do Network Marketing Events Change Your Business?

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About 6 months into my first year in business, the international convention was coming up. Although the company had been open for 10 years in New Zealand, my sister and I were the only people in this country to set off for that event.

It was half way around the world, took a week out of our schedules and cost a large amount of money…but the positive impact on our businesses was enormous. We went on to break some records.

So: is it just a question of getting to the event so you can be sprinkled with a magic dust that makes your business take off?  

Did everyone who put in the time, effort, and money to get there walk out of that event and break company records?


What makes the difference? How you engage with that event makes the difference.

And specifically, whether you’re resentful or responsible determines if you see yourself as a victim or tenacious. Which determines what you get from the whole experience.

People bandy this “attitude” stuff around a lot. But I’ll give you some examples:

Like I’ve mentioned, there were some significant hurdles to overcome in order to get to that event—such as finding the equivalent of two months’ rent for the ticket, flights and accommodation… not to mention food and income for the week I’d be away.

From a resentful space, I would have felt the company owed me:  After all the effort I’d gone to, it had better be good.

The trouble is, once you resent something or someone, they can never do anything well enough to stop you resenting them.

Once u resent something, it can never do anything well enough to stop you resenting it. Click To Tweet

That’s because the feeling is coming from inside you, not from the thing you are resenting.

I could have resented being hungry, wildly jet lagged, away from my husband, being jostled in a queue, having to wait a long time to speak to someone—who then needed to hurry off just before I got to next-in-line.

I could have resented the speakers, convincing myself it was alright for them, because they didn’t live in New Zealand where nothing was going on and all the people weren’t as easily excited about opportunities like this.

I could have resented the half hour walk we made into the Convention Centre each day because our crummy hotel was so far away.

But the truth is I didn’t resent any of these things.

I actually enjoyed all of those challenges, because I wanted to be there. And I wanted to be there because I wanted my freedom so much. I didn’t care that I was hungry—it was inconvenient sometimes, that’s all. The jet lag actually made it easier because my body had no idea what time the next meal was actually due!

But if I’d focused on being hungry and broke and stoked my resentment about it, I would have been doomed. I may as well not have gone because I’d be lost in the poor-me’s and my own mournful violin solo would have drowned out any of the magic happening around me.

If speakers left before we got to speak to them, my sister and I hurried off to find the next person. I looked for similarities in leaders’ stories. I spotted the places we were the same instead of how we were different.

And that half hour walk from the cheaper hotel? We accepted it and made the most of it. We talked about our goals and dreams for that whole walk, every day.

What a fantastic masterminding opportunity!

It’s easy to write off positive thinking as delusional or trite. And yes, it can be. But tenacity (which demands positive thinking) makes the difference between a whining, needy “fix me” and a humble, excited “show me how to help myself.”

It’s easy to write off positive thinking as delusional. But tenacity (which demands positive… Click To Tweet

And it makes all the difference.

No one else can make that shift but YOU.

So, how can you change the way you’re looking at an obstacle right now?  Jump into the comments and tell me!


helen jamiesonHelen Jamieson is the author of The Networker, a novel created from experiences on the road to creating a lucrative network marketing business.  The book is a fable, a novel, about Sally – a feisty mother of two young children who is exhausted by her job, her lack of money and her negative spouse!   The story follows her into, under and around those obstacles on her quest to take back control of her life using network marketing. Helen is on FB Live regularly with more thought provoking ideas – like her page HERE and be sure to check the ‘live updates’ button”.



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