5 Summertime Tech Tips for Making Memories

Summer is here! That means it’s time for vacations and making memories. Using our mobile devices we can enhance those memories for years to come.

Here are the top 5 things  people are searching for this summer and how to do them on Android and Apple devices:

1. Panoramic Photo Mode

panoramic photo
Pic Credits: Werner Schelberger

Bring the beautiful scenery back from your vacation by taking a panoramic picture.


Open the camera app then, on the bottom of the screen, use your finger to scroll to the “Pano” setting. Next, you will need to turn your phone to a “landscape” position. Begin with your device on one side of the scene you are trying to capture then select the shutter button. Slowly pan your device across the scene making sure not to tilt your camera too high or low.


Select panoramic mode on the camera, then orient your phone in a “landscape” position. Next you will need to point your camera to an extreme left or right of the scenery that you want to capture. Press the shutter button and slowly pan across the desired scenery.


2. Turning off Cellular Roaming

Use your mobile device with Wi-Fi access without driving up your bill.


From the home screen, select the ‘Settings’ app. From there, scroll down and select ‘Cellular’. You can then switch the ‘Data Roaming’ toggle to the off position.




Press the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Settings’. Select ‘Wireless & Networks’, then uncheck ‘Data Roaming’.



3. Turning on the Personal Hotspot

Get Wi-Fi access when none is available for your other devices like tablet and laptops. This feature is great for traveling to remote locations or other areas where internet access is unavailable.


From the home screen, select ‘Settings’ app and then scroll down to ‘Personal Hotspot’. Simply turn on the personal hotspot and follow the directions listed under the toggle.




Some phones may feature an app dedicated to ‘Mobile Hotpot’. If the phone does not, open the ‘Settings’ app and find the ‘Tethering & Mobile Hotspot’.


4. Do Not Disturb

Take time to get away from work, emails, and incoming phone and text messages.


From the home screen, go to ‘Settings’ then select ‘Do Not Disturb’. Switch the ‘Manual’ switch to the on position.




From the home screen, go to ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Sounds & Notifications’. From there, select ‘Do Not Disturb’.



5. Sharing Photo Albums Instantly

Rather than sending photos individually, send a whole album at once with these options.

On the home screen, swipe up to access the control center. Press “AirDrop” to turn on AirDrop. Next, go to photo gallery and select the action button that resembles a square with an arrow pointing upwards. From that point, you should be able to select multiple images. Once all of the desired images are selected and have a blue check mark on them. Select AirDrop right below the image bank. Your images will be automatically added to anyone who’s in your contacts list, in the vicinity and who has their AirDrop on as well.



Open the photo gallery app on the phone. Select the desired photos and then share them using the Bluetooth button.



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