Invest Wisely, Plug In!

My mother and I were the first distributors to join our company when it transitioned from being a retail brand into direct sales. Because we were first, we didn’t have mentors in our company, training systems, or scripts. We didn’t even have a compensation plan yet! What we did have was our belief—we believed in the products we were promoting and the business opportunity we were sharing. We knew we could be successful so we allowed our belief to carry us and decided to become students of the profession and learn everything required to succeed.

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I remember being in a major bookstore, browsing through the magazine aisle. A copy of Networking Times jumped out at me! I found a cozy spot in the café, and poured over the stories of people who made it big in our profession. I knew if they could do it, so could I. Many of them talked about their commitment to personal and professional growth, and how it was a huge factor in their success, so I decided to get plugged in.

Because we didn’t have an upline, mom and I decided to be the leader we’d like to follow. We set up calls and put systems in place for our team right away. We had weekly opportunity calls that double as orientation calls, followed by a weekly training call that regularly features new leaders who share their stories and best practices. If your company offers you these opportunities, make sure you plug in. And if they don’t, be the leader you’d like to follow—put learning opportunities in place for your team.

We began hosting weekly opportunity meetings that ended with training. By the end of our first month we had over 300 people at our meetings.

Consistency was the key to our success. We kept things simple and systematic for our teams. We taught them to “share” and “invite” to an upcoming call or event. We led by example and stayed plugged in ourselves.

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On a larger scale I’m happy to say we’ve never missed a corporate event. We have been to every convention our company had (I scraped together change to go during my first year. And at that time I still had a full-time job.) These opportunities provided invaluable experiences where we could connect with likeminded individuals, see the company vision, and experience training we couldn’t get anywhere else. Nothing replaces being at those events.

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We’ve invested a lot in our success, and it’s paid off. We are both seven-figure earners for our company and we still attend every call, meeting, and big event. We lead by example and never stop learning or growing. I will always be a student of this fabulous profession that has changed my entire family’s life and our future generations. Invest wisely in your family’s future. If we can do this, so can you!

Sarah Robbins Networking TimesA top earner in her company, SARAH ROBBINS is the author of the bestselling book Rock Your Network Marketing Business and the creator of the CD series Rock Star Recruiting School.



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