FLOW—The Power of Undivided Attention

undivided attention

STAY FOCUSED. We often hear this from our leaders. One of the first challenges leaders encounter is training associates to stay focused. Especially newbies who are fighting all kinds of distractions. When we enter this brave new world, we already have a full schedule, so the shift to the new routine can be treacherous.

Distractions take many forms—mental, emotional, or environmental.

When our minds are untrained, all sorts of mental distractions can keep us from finishing the tasks we have set out to do. Our attention can easily be pulled in many different directions, especially when we are about to start our sales calls.

Emotional distractions are far worse, as they can weigh us down. It is much harder to gather our wits when we feel discouraged in our business.

The third kind of distraction—environmental— is somewhat easier to manage is. Facebook is at the top of the list. Day-jobs can also be a form of distraction once we become a network marketer. Family life can also be a hindrance in our success.

As the examples show, environmental distractions are external in nature. Though more manageable, if we lack the discipline, it can very much hurt our business and lead us to quit.

How Do We Develop Focus?

The answer is Flow. I first encountered this term in one of the Positive Psychology articles online a couple of years ago. I did not realize there was a psychological term for my “hypnotic” work experience.

Personally, I define Flow as a state of undivided attention or single-minded focus. When you skip lunch because the work at hand is engaging—that is flow. Other examples are the gamers who do not bathe for days because the game is so enthralling, or the network marketer who gets hooked on locking appointments or moving products, or just gets high on being productive.

How do we activate this state of effortlessness?

Building the business and creating training modules for my company helped me develop a “Flow matrix.” The key is to understanding why we do the business and getting clear on our goals.

Here is my 3-step process for getting into Flow:

1. Define your most important goals for the day.

I actually have two goals: an income goal and a health goal. These govern my day just as yours should. Our goals for the day will dictate how we use our time, our activities, and our production. Having life-changing goals to accomplish each day is how our lives become more meaningful. As a network marketer, what is your most important goal for the day?

2. Create your Things To Do (TTD) for the day based on your most important goal.

Many of us make the mistake of creating TTDs that aren’t aligned with or focused on our goals. Though the activities seem valid, we forget that we did not enter into this business solely to get things done. Our TTDs must be goal-centric. We are in this business to create lasting results. Thus, we want to focus on production goals rather than activity rates.

3. Implement the TTDs as plotted.

Creating an aligned goal for the day and TTD is not as easy as it sounds. Every Implementation will meet a challenge. Troubleshooting why we are unable to carry out our TTDs trains us to develop laser-focus on that one important goal. Perhaps the difficulty is due to a poor understanding of the business or weak execution skills. If this happens, you need to assess the necessary TTDs so the desired results can come in.

Alignment and consistency are key in all three steps. Your TTDs must reflect your goals, and your goals must be the result we arrive at upon implementation.

So now you are ready! Once you become skilled at these three steps, Flow will be effortless and network marketing will be tremendously enjoyable…

francine de las alasBased in the Philippines, Francine de las Alas is a network marketing professional, as well as a product trainer and training module designer for her company. Until 2015, she had two radio talk shows, Happy Thoughts with Francine and Show Me the Money, coaching listeners on being happy and making money.




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