The 7 Deadliest Mistakes in Network Marketing

After building an international network marketing business for nearly a decade, I was able to distinguish 7 major mistakes a lot of people make that prevent them from succeeding in our profession. Are you or your team members making any of these?

1. No Why

Why stands for “What Hurts You.” If you don’t have a strong reason why you’re building this business, when the obstacles come they’ll stop you. However, when you have a strong compelling reason why you want to make this work, you’re always going to find a way to overcome your obstacles whether it’s going through them or around them. The stronger your why, the further you are going to get.

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2. Fire Hosing

Fire hosing is when you make a phone call and you virtually puke the information on your prospect rather than inviting them to see the concept. Trying to explain it to them rather than sharing the concept visually makes your prospect feel the need to get away from a bad salesperson. Bear in mind that people don’t like being sold to, especially not by their friends. We have a saying which is “Unless you can SHOW them everything, don’t tell them ANYTHING”. Simply invite your friends and let the presentation do its job.

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3. Managing the Team

A lot of people come into network marketing, build a small team, and when they get a few people on the team they go into management mode. They stop doing the things they were doing when they first started. Now if every single person in your team went into management mode, how big would your group actually grow? A great question to ask yourself at the end of each day is: “If my team did exactly what I did today, what would my paycheck look like?” The best way to manage your team is to LEAD by example. Act as if you were the only one on your team. Keep paving the way and your team will grow exponentially.

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4. Disconnect from the System

The reason network marketing works so well is purely because it’s a system. It’s like following a recipe. If you were to bake a cake and you left one of the crucial ingredients out of the cake, what would happen? What’s the cake going to look like? Same thing with network marketing; simply follow the system.

As we say, “Stay close to the fire,” attend weekly opportunity meetings and webinars, plug into training events. These are what keep the fire burning. There are some pieces of coal in the fire that are red hot, just like you when you attend a big event. But if you take the warmest piece of coal out of the fire, it doesn’t matter how hot it was, it will cool down within minutes. That’s what happens when you stop plugging into the system and you let life get in the way.

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5. Being Uncoachable

My mentor always said to me the number one thing you’re looking for in a prospect is “coachability” and the second is hunger and desire. If someone’s uncoachable, it doesn’t matter whether they have the biggest talent, the best skills, or if they are sharp or even a professional. They’re simply not going to follow the formula and will attempt to reinvent the wheel, and they won’t have any results. On the other hand, if they are coachable and follow the system, even if they don’t have all the skills, they will learn the skills and it’s a matter of time before they can win.

If you find yourself saying things along the lines of “I know this,” it means your cup is full and you leave no room for new information in your life.

6. Stop Investing in Yourself

When one stops attending the seminars and reading the books about network marketing, about personal development, about the kind of skills that you need in order to be a professional networker, you stop progressing. When you stop growing, you’re on your way down.

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7. Quitting

The main reason most people don’t succeed in network marketing is they quit and give up on their dreams. They get too absorbed by life and excuses, and their why is not big enough to keep pushing them forward to overcome the obstacles. Most people quit right before the moment they’re about to attract their first aces. In the book Acres of Diamonds, the main character traveled the world to look for diamonds and he kept on searching and searching. Finally, he gave up and came home, only for someone else to discover that one of the biggest areas of diamonds was in his backyard. If you give up, you will never know the kind of life that was possible for you.

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chinese bambooOne of my favorite stories is the story of the bamboo. When you plant a bamboo seed, you see nothing for four years. Then the fifth year, it just shoots off and within weeks it grows, two, three, four meters high. This may be you right now reading this article. It might be that you are reading the books and taking action, but you don’t have the results you want right now. Keep doing the right things—listening to the audios, developing yourself—and over time you’re going to shoot up like a bamboo. Stay the course and who knows, one day it may be you speaking on stages around the world, reaching the highest level in your company. Maybe one day you’ll be the leader writing articles or recording audios and inspiring others to go out and do what you did.



Efrosyni AdamidesEfrosyni has been in network marketing for almost 8 years. She was a busy executive working 80 to 100 hours per week, so she was attracted to the time freedom. In her first month, Efrosyni personally enrolled 20 people. By focusing on events and leadership, she built a team of 5,500 by the end of year one. Today she leads an international organization of almost 170,000 in 30 countries. 



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