Working Smarter, Not Harder

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The world is waking up. We’re living a new story. Millions of us have been involved with our own personal development and deeper spiritual investigations for decades, with millions more joining all the time. We’re collectively shifting our consciousness and creating a new, more awakened world. We’re gaining clarity about the true nature of Reality. With this arises a deeper sense of our true identity and greater fulfillment, freedom, and ease.

My own inner journey began in March 1975 when I started attending workshops, meditating and associating with more conscious teachers and friends. It’s a journey that continues to this day, as I deepen and share my explorations and insights with others.

When my partner Louis and I began our network marketing business in the fall of 1984, it came like a gift out of nowhere. We were not looking for a new business; in fact, I did not even know what network marketing was. I was looking for a way to enhance my health and someone suggested I call a woman who had a supplement that might be helpful. I found her number in the phone book.

Louie and I had just come from a two-week silent retreat that involved hours of daily meditation, walks in the woods and teachings with a spiritual teacher. As we drove home, we listened to the audiotape from the woman I had found through the phone book. Our minds were still and our bodies relaxed. We had no expectation of what was about to unfold.

After a few minutes of listening, I said to Louie, “This company is up to something good. I’m going to get involved. Do you want to join me?”

He thought I had lost my mind, and in a certain sense, I had. As we listened to the tape, I had been paying attention to how my body felt and had an inner knowing that we were being called to something new. I had a deep sense that this new endeavor would be meaningful and that it was important for us to take action.

Where did that knowing come from and how did I make a life changing decision with so little information? The truth is that I had been listening to the tape with my heart instead of with my chattering mind. My heart and body, in conjunction with my quiet mind, could feel a deeper truth. It was like a distant radio signal that arrived with no sound; however, it resonated with my inner sense of truth in a way that was loud and clear. I hadn’t intended anything or attempted to make anything happen. I simply tuned into the intelligence around me that is always informing us when we still our busy minds and listen with our hearts.

Life is overflowing with information and intelligence. When we can become quiet and centered enough to listen, nature and those around us are always sharing information. I could pick up the faint signals that led to a deeper inner resonance rather than filtering the information coming from the audiotape solely through my brain. My mind had been at rest, as we listened.

Many of us have come to the realization that the world is not simply some three-dimensional event “out there.” It is an out-picturing of what is occurring within our own consciousness. Life is not separate from our perception. It flows through us and expresses as us. We simply need to wake up to this truth and be fully present in our own lives. Many people who move through our lives are longing for what we have to share. If we pay attention to their signals and respond, magic can happen. (That’s why there’s a saying that you can’t say something right to the wrong person and you can’t say something wrong to the right person. Those people who are meant to hear what we have to share show up in our lives. Our assignment is to listen more deeply and to respond to the signals they are sending.) We don’t need to be making hundreds of calls to strangers. That’s working harder, not smarter.

Life is not separate from our perception. It flows through us and expresses as us. Click To Tweet We don’t need to be making hundreds of calls to strangers. That’s working harder, not smarter. Click To Tweet

It’s time to pay closer attention, listen carefully, and to respond appropriately. As more of us awaken to the truth of our own being and realize our true identity as being an expression of life itself, others are magnetically attracted into our field. We realize the significance of the teaching, “As within, so without.” Everything is connected. There are no boundaries in life. We are all energetically connected. A Course of Love and many other wisdom teachings teach that all life is unified, whole and related.

Everything is connected. There are no boundaries in life. Click To Tweet

We know that our perception of the Universe evokes the experience of the Universe that we observe. We live in an observer created reality. It benefits us to expect to be fortunate, happy and to live grace-filled lives. What we expect is what finds us. Even Abraham Lincoln knew that “most people are about as happy as they choose to be.”

It benefits us to expect to be fortunate, happy and to live grace-filled lives. Click To Tweet

Albert Einstein said the most important question one can ask oneself is ‘how friendly do I believe the universe to be?’ Our answer becomes our underpinning and a primary attractor for our lives. When life is falling apart around us, are you able to stay calm and accept or respond to what is, knowing that we live in a friendly universe? Or are you allowing yourself to fall apart with it?

What sort of reality are you creating? Do you expect to be fortunate, successful, healthy and happy? If you go about your life with these expectations and pay attention when opportunities arise, we know that you’re in for some delightful surprises. That’s working smarter, not harder. Then we can really enjoy ourselves and others, as our businesses and lives really thrive.



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