NTT’s TOP 10: Most Popular Posts of 2016

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Since launching our blog a year and a half ago, we are proud Networking Times Today has grown to become a powerful online resource for the network marketing community.

Many of you have been with us since our first print issue in 2002. In the last few years, an entire new generation of network marketing professionals have joined our growing community, reading back issues from our vast library, interacting with us on social media, and contributing valuable content to our magazine and blog. We are delighted to be known as the “Huffington Post of Network Marketing!”

As we come to the end of an eventful year, Networking Times Today has more than 250 posts from some of the biggest and brightest stars in our profession. Over the course of 2016, we’ve had nearly 135,000 unique users visiting the blog and more than half a million page views. Our social media community has grown to more than 50,000 users across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As has become an annual tradition, we bid adieu to 2016 by sharing our most popular posts of the year (based on the number of views).

Here goes the Top 10 for 2016!

1- 10 Reasons Network Marketing Is Growing in the Global Economy – by Dr. Josephine Gross

Did you know network marketing is growing at a faster rate than the overall economy? Yes, in terms of retail sales AND people involved. We compiled this special report for you with handy slides to share these exciting numbers with prospects or team members–online or in your presentations. As Eric Worre says, “It is s stone-cold fact that we have a better way. Now let’s go out and tell the world!”

2- 5 Ways to Get Your Prospect’s Attention with Proper Posture – by Simon Chan

All successful network marketers have one thing in common: they all have POSTURE which earns them respect from prospects and team members. MLM Nation’s Simon Chan shares 5 ways in which YOU can develop posture and get prospects to pay attention to you.

3- 10 Habits to Become a Network Marketing Superstar – by Eric Worre

“If you’re determined to become a top earner in network marketing, it’s critical to create an environment where you are constantly reminded of these 10 habits,” says Eric Worre. “It’s worth it. And so are you!”

4- 5 Apps to Grow Your Biz with Greater Ease – by Ramya Chandrasekaran

We all love our smartphones and the amazing apps that have made managing our lives so much more efficient! We asked some top network marketing leaders about their favorite apps for managing their business. Are you using any of these? Tell us about your favorite app.

5- Five Steps to Positive Change – by Eric Worre

Eric Worre shares his 5 keys to network marketing success. Which one has played the biggest role for you so far?
1. Raise your awareness
2. Increase your understanding
3. Disassociate from negative influences
4. Recondition your mind
5. Immerse yourself in a positive environment

6- Jesus, The Original Networker—9 Business Lessons from the Bible – by Dr. Doug Firebaugh

You may have heard once or twice, “Jesus was the first and greatest networker with the biggest downline in history!” Network marketing trainer and success coach Doug Firebaugh distills some principles and practices from the Scriptures that anyone can apply and benefit from, whether they are Christian or not.

7- How My Network Marketing Business Funded my Son’s Education – by Dr. Rajshekher Garikapati

Four years ago, Dr. Rajshekher Garikapati in Dubai gave up a successful career as a neurologist to grow his network marketing business full-time. Today his business is enabling him to fulfill his family’s dreams. Read the story below to find out how he planned each step of the way…

8 – 10 Rules to “Confront Before Conflict” – by Vijay Eswaran

When your team starts growing and more people are involved, more issues start cropping up. Use these guidelines developed by veteran networker Vijay Eswaran, to create a supportive environment for your team to air unresolved issues, find resolution, and grow stronger together.

9- All about the Shoes – The Story of Christian Louboutin – by Dr. Josephine Gross

Does your dream board include buying a pair of Louboutin shoes? Or if you own a pair, do you know the story behind the famous footwear? French designer and entrepreneur Christian Louboutin is all about empowering women to stand tall and making them feel on top of the world….

10- RELAX during a crisis? … Exactly! – by Gregory Lay

Stress is a choice, and trying harder to relax does the opposite! Here are five tips to help you relax your kind which in turn will relax your muscles.

  • Re-direct frustration
  • Expect positivity
  • Lift a ton
  • Acknowledge little achievements
  • X marks the spot



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