Get Over Your Damn Self


Former corporate chick-turned network marketing success story, Romi Neustadt (also featured on the cover of our “Limited Edition” Nov/Dec 2016 issue) has a new book and it’s topped two Amazon bestseller lists since its release last month.

In Get Over Your Damn Self: The No-BS Guide to Building a Life-Changing Business, Romi offers the same coaching she’s given to tens of thousands on her team to help you acquire the skills to build your business and teach your team to do the same. Equally important, she works on your mindset so you stop overcomplicating it all and stop letting the negative voices in your head win.

Romi writes in her introduction:

“I knew it was time to share what I’ve learned. Because I’m a no-BS kind of girl, I’m not going to sugarcoat a thing. This is a business, and if you’re serious about learning exactly what it takes to build it big, you’ve come to the right place. But you have to be willing to be honest with yourself and do the things I’m going to ask you to do. If you’re brave enough, I promise it will be worth it…

I hope you realize how insanely lucky you are to be in this profession. In network marketing we get to decide what our lives look like, and to help other people do the same. Travel, time with our kids, getting involved in causes near and dear to our hearts—you’re sitting on a business that can give you all of that.

When I was standing in your shoes, I didn’t quite understand where this was going to take me or my family. But I am living proof that a six-figure monthly income is possible and that it’s possible for you too. That making enough money to allow your spouse to pursue exactly what he wants is possible. That designing your life around your kids is possible. And traveling to your bucket list is possible. Volunteering your time to causes and donating more money than you used to earn is possible. If you’re not thinking that big, if you’re not thinking about limitless possibilities, it’s time for you to start. And I’m going to help you get there.”

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter called “Why People Fail and Why That Ain’t Gonna Be You.” 

This business isn’t easy. But it is simple. Laughably simple.

We share about our business and our products. And the people we talk to fit into three buckets.

3 buckets

The first bucket contains the people who want to become our customers. They order and fall in love with our products or services and keep reordering from us. They become walking, talking billboards and refer us business.

Then there are others who see what we see from a business perspective and they join our teams. They fit into the second bucket. It may include people who get it right away and jump in. Or it might be happy product customers when it finally dawns on them—even though we’ve already told them—that instead of referring people to someone else they could actually be creating another stream of income for themselves and their families. So they convert to business builders and join our team. Anyone who comes on board learns this simplistic, duplicable system.

We teach them to do exactly what we do—talk to people and add customers and team members.

There are others who aren’t interested in our products or services or our businesses, and they fall into the third bucket. We ask them to connect us with people in their networks who just might be a great fit. They become referral sources.

We keep doing this day after day, month after month, and after a few years of consistently showing up and doing the work, we have a thriving business that can do everything from fill vacation, college and retirement funds to provide career exit strategies and build transformative wealth.

That’s our business. That’s it. It only took four short paragraphs to spell it out. That’s how simple it is. But again, you may be asking, if it’s that simple, why the heck aren’t there more six- and seven-figure earners in our profession?

THAT’S the million-dollar question and the one we’ll answer in this book to help you unlock your greatest potential and create the business and the life you dream of.

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Buy the book on Amazon or visit for bulk discounts and free shipping if you want to share the book with your team.

*Proceeds from Romi’s book are going to Room to Read literacy programs for kids in low-income countries so they can have a greater chance to design the lives they want too.*



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Romi Neustadt is a former lawyer and PR executive who traded in the billable hour for more time and financial freedom through network marketing. She built a 7-figure business in less than three years that’s allowed her and her doctor husband John to design the life they really wanted. She loves unlocking the potential in others so they, too, can choose how they live, work, parent and play. Romi lives in San Diego with John and their two proudest achievements, Nate and Bebe.



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