Why Are You Doing This Business? – A Recipe for Effortless Success

whats your why

Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself these questions?

Why am I doing this business? No, really – why am I investing the time to do this every day? What’s the purpose? What reasons cause me to do this, versus not doing this?

Is your reason simply a surface answer, like money, or stuff, or “to get out of debt”? Few people ever take the time to ask themselves this simple yet profound question. True success exists in the answer to this question. In fact, one of the reasons so few make it big (I’m talking about the “dream money,” the luxuriously-and-ridiculously-large-lifestyle money) is that few are willing to ask, contemplate, and answer this question.

Often people seek help, months or even years into their networking careers, searching for answers to their lack of results. There are many reasons for the lack of production in the face of consistent work habits. Yet most can start at the core of their existence and find the answer.

Why is it that you eat every day? Why is it that you show up for your job? If you don’t eat, you begin to painfully shrink away, become increasingly ill, and soon simply stop existing. Death becomes you. If you fail to show up for your job, you will no longer be employed, which means the roof over your head may go away, the relationship you had with your significant other may wither, your children will look at you cross-eyed on the way to the orphanage, and strange men may come to pick up your car, your furniture and your lifelong collection of belongings. You are left with nothing.

Do you eat just because you must? Do you show up for your job just so you can make a bi-weekly check and pay the bills?

Search deeply in your soul for the reasons WHY you do things, and you’re much likelier to DO those things and do them well. Network marketing as a profession is not a requirement in life. We must eat, sleep, and breathe — but we don’t HAVE to do network marketing. We do it for a reason. If you can find the reason or reasons you ended up here, your search for success will finally have ended. Victory will become you. Those who know exactly why, who know the true reasons that cause them to act, are those who achieve success with ease.

Search deeply in your soul for the reasons WHY you do things, and you're much likelier to DO… Click To Tweet

Find yourself a purpose and you’ll find more than enough inspiration to guide you through even the most treacherous storms life brings you.

Find your purpose and you'll find inspiration through the most treacherous storms life brings… Click To Tweet

When contemplating your core reasons for doing this business, you may come up with a list of inspiring reasons that will cause you to act with a fervency so great, some would describe you as insane, crazy, or “workaholic.” In reality, you have found a level of balance and peace which cause things to come to you with ease. Your purpose is so great and so clear that the actions it takes to create or produce become second nature. Success comes to you with ease.

Others may have to search long and hard for a purpose, not only in their businesses but in their lives in general. Choose carefully the locations where you go to seek answers to your life’s purpose. Find a quiet place. Sit and write. Think and ponder. Decide what the real reasons are for your desire for riches or whatever else it is that you seek in this business.

Achieving absolute clarity in your reasons for doing business will make doing business much more fulfilling. There’s simply no time or space for fogginess of mind on the platform of success and accomplishment.

There's no room for fogginess of mind on the platform of success and accomplishment. Click To Tweet

The moment you discover your true reasons for doing this as a profession, the second you become clear, that is the instant when you’ll discover how effortless success can be.

Ask yourself, “Why?” And take the time to come up with the answer!


todd falconeTodd Falcone is a network marketing trainer with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in the area of network marketing and direct selling. Over the past decade, he has dedicated a majority of his time speaking, teaching, and training on the subject of network marketing success. 



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