Jesus, The Original Networker—9 Business Lessons from the Bible

Jesus the Networker

Based on the life and career of Jesus of Nazareth, as portrayed in the Bible, we could easily consider Jesus Christ to be the perfect role model for network marketers. If you look at anything and everything we do in our business, you’ll find a perfect blueprint for it in the Holy Scriptures. Below are 9 lessons I’ve learned from reading the Bible that worked wonderfully in my business:

1- Prospects Are Everywhere

Christ says, “The harvest is ready, open your eyes. It’s out there everywhere you look, but the workers are few.”

What that means to us is, open your eyes, prospects are everywhere. All you need to do is show up, reach out, and follow up.

2- Don’t Convince—Be Brief

Christ was very brief. He said, “Follow me.” We spend so much time trying to convince people. But he said, “Those who have ears will listen.”

This business is not for everybody; the right people are going to show up. If this is right for you, great; if not, you won’t be able to hear it.

3- Use Pictures, Tell Stories

Jesus’ presentations were always in parables. We’ve all taught this: the best way to teach people is with word pictures—tell stories. The most powerful way to recruit is to paint a powerful picture and relate it to your listener’s future. That’s what He did.

4- Close without Pleading

Christ was a master at closing. He never begged people. “Look, either you are for or against me,” he said. “You’re in or you’re out, what’s it gonna be?”

He never said, “Please, please, please!” It was, “Do what you feel led to do.”

5- Practice Duplication

Jesus said, “I do only what I see my father do.” That’s total duplication—and talk about the ultimate sponsor! In fact, Christ didn’t just practice duplication, he

That’s total duplication—and talk about the ultimate sponsor! In fact, Christ didn’t just practice duplication, he practiced multiplication.

6- Use Social Proof

Christ sent his disciples out two by two. If I tell you something, it may be suspect, because you heard it just from me. But if I have my partner on the line with me and we both tell you, it has more credibility, because it’s the word of two people.

7- Keep Moving—Next!

One of our favorite words in network marketing is “Next!” That’s what Christ modeled: if a town is not in accord with your message, shake off the dust and keep moving. “Next!”

8- Talk to Lots of People

Christ was a social creature. He knew there is power in numbers, and how to use that power. He spent his time out in the crowd. His congregations were very eclectic. He was always drawing crowds and connecting with people. He modeled the understanding that you never know who your next superstar is going to be.

9- Don’t Pre-Judge

Christ never pre-judged anyone. Who’d have thought that one of his top leaders would be someone who’d denied him three times? Or a tax-collector, one who was known for his less than ethical ways? Or two uneducated fishermen? And they became great recruiters.

My wife Jodi and I love Jesus and our life purpose is strongly rooted in our Christian faith. In building our business and ministry, we always ask ourselves, “What would Christ do?” and “How would Jesus respond?” This has brought tremendous blessings and continuous miracles into your lives.

Meanwhile, we respect other wisdom traditions and are not here to be fanatics. Our message is simply this: we’re modeling Christ in a way everybody can relate to and grow from, whether they are Christian or not. Heed these 9 lessons from the Bible and watch your business flourish!

(Adapted from an interview with Doug Firebaugh, titled Jesus, The Original Networker, in the March 2003 issue of Networking Times)



Doug Firebaugh is a veteran networker and coach to the networking profession. Doug has over 20 years of experience in direct sales and network marketing. He has been blessed with winning numerous awards and helping people maximize their ‘Human Success Capital’. 



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