I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

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I am woman, hear me roar!

Those lyrics have never seemed more appropriate than now, with a rising tide of savvy female entrepreneurs setting the standard for business in the 21st century. Using the tools at their disposal – social media, direct selling, crowdfunding, and sheer determination – to rise to new heights, at the risk of mixing musical metaphors, “Sisters are doing it for themselves!”

There has never been a better time to be a female entrepreneur, and more women are recognizing this every day. June saw the 9th  annual Women in Business and the Professions World Awards, with categories including Female Entrepreneur of the Year, and November 19th heralds the third annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, to “celebrate, empower, and support women in business.” Although there are still barriers to overcome, with a little determination, there is no limit to what women can achieve.

A Roaring Success

Rachiele David
Rachiele David

Rachiele David, based in Las Piñas City, the Philippines, has been doing network marketing for almost two decades. After working for companies which did not live up to her expectations, she went in search of what she calls “the real deal.” She finally “found her home” in August 2015 and is already a roaring success at running her new business, recently achieving a top rank in her company.

Making Social Media Work for You

Rachiele says she builds mostly online. So, what is the secret of her success?

“You have to be passionate and dedicated to what you do,” she says. “Consistency also plays a major part. I am an online marketer – 90% of my activity is done online. I teach my team to maximize the tools we have. The Internet and social media have changed the way we do business nowadays.”

Certainly determination is important, but the tools at our disposal today surpass anything available to the entrepreneur of the past. However, it takes a switched-on person to put these to good use. At this, perhaps, women have a head start, as, interestingly, several recent studies suggest that women are more at home with using social media than men.

Shattering the Glass Ceiling

No longer prepared to put up with “glass ceiling” limitations to earnings and career advancement that the corporate world can impose, many women are becoming their own bosses – whether by running a direct selling business, buying a franchise, or launching an innovative product.

Not surprisingly, one major motivational factor for female entrepreneurs is the need to fit work around family. As this responsibility frequently falls to women, a whole new term–Mompreneur–was coined for those balancing their role as mom with being an entrepreneur.

More and more women turn to network marketing to find the flexibility they need. According to the latest statistics published by the US Direct Selling Association, 77.4% of network marketing professionals are women. Rachiele David explains her motivation:

“I work from home around my family and it’s perfect… My family also motivates me, and seeing them in full support of what I’m doing makes me feel complete. After all, this hard work would be empty if it weren’t for our loved ones.”

Mind the Gap!

Although there is still a gender gap in entrepreneurial activity, where men predominate, women are steadily working on closing it. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Special Report: Women’s Entrepreneurship 2015 reports that since 2012 this gender gap has narrowed by 6% globally.

Another gender gap which seems to play a part in entrepreneurial success is the difference in self-confidence between men and women. The GEM report cites this as a contributing factor in the lower number of female entrepreneurs. GEM report author, Candida Brush, explains:

“Even though women may have more years of education, it may not relate to self-perceived confidence in their entrepreneurial capabilities.”

Research indicates that strong female role models may help improve this, and therefore, with an increasing number of impressive female entrepreneurs to inspire others, things are set to change.

May 2016 be the Year of the Female Entrepreneur, as it seems that women are now playing to their strengths and using 21st-century tools to turn the tables and roar ahead in business!


Lindsay HarrissLindsay Harriss is a copywriter at a 5-year old direct selling company in UK. This post was submitted as part of a competition by Networking Times in collaboration with the Believe Conference on the topic – Why Women Are Wired to Win in Network Marketing.



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