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Network marketing is a marvelous profession filled with ups and downs. Knowing this, you will soon recognize and appreciate how the very things that have held you down will inevitably lift you up.

This profession was initially shaped in the early 1900s by a few determined and resolute visionaries who looked beyond the conventional way of marketing products and enriching lives, to a unique and exciting new model that valued and prized people more than just the sale of products.

These dreamers were determined, courageous entrepreneurs who inspired and pioneered a new and innovative profession; a profession that has evolved and is today changing the way the world is doing business, marketing products, and developing people.

Yes, successful network marking professionals are dreamers. The independent distributors of today’s network marketing companies owe their very existence and prolific growth to the courage, sacrifice, hard work, determination and ingenuity of the pioneer companies and distributors of yesterday.

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Raleigh products started in 1889, Wachter’s products started in 1939. Watkins products started in 1868. Fuller Brush Company started in 1908 and NutraLite in 1910. NutraLite became Amway in 1950. All these companies had multi-tiered compensation plans.

I hope this reminder inspires your desire to do more in your business and to become more. I hope it inspires courage and determination within you. I hope it lifts you up, in case the sky is no longer the limit for you.

Your business is a journey and it will most certainly be an incredible adventure where you will travel from a state of fear into the sphere of confidence, exploration, and discovery.

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I want you to recognize and appreciate that your business is all about making choices. Every choice, every experience, every mistake, every rejection and every relationship that has brought you to this point in your life has prepared you for this grand and magnificent moment. It’s a precious moment that you must seize and take advantage of right now!

You are constantly making choices concerning your future—financial, health, lifestyle—so make them boldly, courageously and assertively without trepidation or fear.

Network marketing has never been easy and never will be. It’s a profession filled with fear, challenges, and adversity. Don’t give up when a challenge appears tough or even impossible. Assert and affirm that you will overcome them.

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Remember the things that appear impossible to ordinary people are achievable by extraordinary people with extraordinary commitment, faith, and courage. Never say to yourself, it can’t be done or it’s too hard. Immunize your mind and inoculate your thoughts by declaring and proclaiming with a loud voice, “It can be done, it will be done and I’m going to get it done!”

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Here is something to ponder: your business was meant to be challenging. The experience of suffering rejection, disappointment, anxiety, stress, and even failure is normal and to be expected.

If you ever have a despondent and disconsolate day, which you will, be strong and face that day with the courage and determination to learn from the experience and go forward empowered with that wisdom learned. Things will always get better tomorrow, especially if you have the courage to persist and persevere. There is a great purpose in challenges and as you conquer them, your why is intensified, strengthened, and reinforced.

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My wife and I have been blessed to have built an enormous network marketing business. We have arguably one of the largest organizations of distributors in the world responsible for accumulated sales in the billions of dollars. We have trained hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Over the years thousands of distributors have asked us many questions, which always boil down to:

“What’s the secret of your vast success; how did you do it?”

I always respond with two questions before I answer.

  1. Do you really, really want to know how we did it?
  2. “If I tell you how we did it, are you ready and prepared to incorporate what I teach you today into your business?”

If they answer in the affirmative, here is what I teach them.

“If you found the courage to get started in your business, whenever that was, you definitely have the ability and the capacity to succeed at it. Now, find the courage once again to re-ignite that spark of enthusiasm and excitement—that powerful testimony of your product experience, your company experience, and your business experience that got you started in the first place. Then go to work spreading a scorching inferno of passion and purpose, re-igniting that fire on a daily basis. And as you work your business, dare the naysayers, detractors, skeptics and your competition to put that fire out.”

tony escobar networking timesTony & Randi Escobar are top earners in their company and lead an organization of over 1.5 million members. They have helped create more than 140 millionaires within their own team so far. They are the only network marketers in history to receive a Congressional Commendation from the U.S. House of Representatives and 14 Gubernatorial Commendations.



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