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Don’t Be “That Guy” in Network Marketing

don't be that guy

We all know “That Guy”—the one who just got started in network marketing and talks too much, tries too hard, spams you on social media.

Adam & Michelle Carey are a successful network marketing couple who, like many of us, had to learn a few lessons about network marketing etiquette the hard way. They’ve written a book chronicling their own experiences to share with you the 21 most common mistakes network marketers make.Here are the 21 stereotypes they dismantle. Any of these ring a bell?

  1. The Sneak-Attack MLMer
  2. The Secret Agent
  3. The Lack Listener
  4. The Motor Mouth
  5. The Social Media Spammer
  6. The “Oh, By The Way” Phone Caller
  7. The Long Winded Writer
  8. The Bait and Slammer
  9. Negative Nancy and Poor Me Paul
  10. The Nose Deaf and Disheveled
  11. The Defensive Tackler
  12. The Stalker
  13. The Con-Vincer
  14. The Snake Oil Salesman
  15. The Know It All
  16. The Haughty on a High Horse
  17. The Basher
  18. The Time Stealer
  19. The Prospect Thief
  20. The MLM Junkie
  21. The Networking Group Tasmanian Devil

These mistakes can cast a negative light upon network marketing and cause aspiring network marketing professionals to face unnecessary rejection. Even if you have made some of these mistakes, Adam & Michelle Carey’s book will show you how they can easily be corrected with some practical tools and insights.

This book aims to elevate the image of network marketing to the level it deserves. Leaders will learn how to coach their teams so as to alleviate rejection and accelerate success. Don’t Be “That Guy” in Network Marketing is for anyone who wants to be professional, and avoid being labelled as “That Guy.”

To bring their book to life, Adam and Michelle put together a series of short and humorous videos to go with each of the chapters. Below is The Motor Mouth!

A few things you’ll learn in this book:

  • The 21 common and deadly mistakes most network marketers make.
  • How to approach your warm market without the awkward conversations.
  • How to get even the most skeptical people to say “Yes” to taking a look at your opportunity.
  • How to overcome rejection.
  • How to promote your business on social media without turning people off.

dont be that guy in network marketing

Get your copy of Don’t Be “That Guy” in Network Marketing.



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