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Leading With Presence – A Poem for Leaders

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I wrote this poem and read it at the end of a commencement speech I gave on leadership to graduating high school students where I live in Vermont. Sometimes we learn and remember better when we see or hear lines in verses and rhymes. I also feel we could all use a little more poetry in our lives… Enjoy!

As a great leader, you don’t just think;
You observe what you’re thinking.
You know unexamined, that some of it’s stinking
You know not to believe everything on your mind
That a circumstance sometimes can change on a dime
You know nothing’s impossible when you stay the course
And discipline always beats effort and force

Like the great Don Quixote, you live by your quest
Like a phoenix from ashes you rise o’r the rest
As a leader who’s focused on what’s here and now
You know what to do, to reject, or allow
You’re powerful, limitless, loving, and so…
Be present and wakeful, be quiet and know

Nothing’s impossible for me or for you
So go forth and lead in a way that is true
Do what you love and the money will follow
And so will your team if your goals aren’t hollow
Give of yourself, make magic from strife
And you’ll leave a legacy… that outlives your life!


steve taubmanDr. Steve Taubman is a bestselling author, hypnotist, and physician dedicated to helping business professionals transform their results by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind. Dr. Taubman has been speaking to direct selling groups and individuals about how to reinvent themselves and incorporate powerful transformational principles into their lives.



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