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9 Tips to Grow Your Biz with Periscope

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One of today’s hottest tech tools to grow your team is Periscope. What makes this app so cool? It gives you the ability to create and stream live video broadcasts. All you need is a Twitter account and the Periscope app.

You can use Periscope to do a live training with your team (you share content, they ask questions) and connect with existing customers (answer questions, give new product updates and special offers).

You can use Periscope to share details on your business opportunity. Viewers can comment, ask questions, and like your content, which shows up in the form of hearts. Since the app is connected to your Twitter account, your followers will receive a notification whenever you go live.

Below are 10 simple tips to become a Periscope Pro.

1.  Start Off Strong 

Before your first broadcast, spend some time getting to know the app (download it free from the App store on your phone). Edit your profile to include your full name, Twitter handle, and a brief bio, which should contain searchable keywords and a link to your website. This helps people connect to you even when you’re not broadcasting.

(Also review your settings to see if everything is set to your preferences. Periscopes disappear after 24-hours, so if you want to share them later, you will need to enable “Auto Save to Phone.”)

Consider practicing in front of the mirror first or recording yourself on your phone. Your broadcasts shouldn’t feel overly rehearsed, but the act of recording yourself first might help you feel more comfortable on camera.

Remember, it’s okay to be nervous, no one is going to judge. Most people will connect with your authenticity and applaud you for putting yourself out there. The more you use this tool, the easier and more natural it will become!

2.  Create a Catchy Title

If you want people to tune into your broadcast, you need a title that will pique their interest. It can be straightforward such as, “Get a sneak peek at this new XYZ product,” or “Find out if a home-based business is for you.”

Or, you can create a little mystery, such as, “See if this opportunity is right for you.” Keep your title short and tweetable. Avoid being overly promotional. You want to create curiosity and incite people to find out more.

* Consider adding emoji’s to your title, which helps create visual excitement and lets your broadcast standout in your followers’ feed, should they want to go back and watch it later.

3.  Post, Tweet, and Share

Before you start your Periscope broadcast, share the event on your other social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.). This lets your team, customers, or followers know you are on Periscope, and it helps you stand out in the crowd. It also gives people another way to connect with you.

Say something like, “Come join me, @yourperiscopehandle, for my next “Periscope Training” on June 7th at 6 pm PST,” or “Get a behind-the-scenes look – I’ll be Periscoping in 15 minutes, @yourperiscopehandle.”

Periscope will also send out an announcement to your followers when you are live. (Click the Twitter icon on the broadcast screen to enable this feature.)

4.  Choose Your Background/Opening Screen 

You don’t need professional lighting or a studio location to create a successful Periscope broadcast, but be sure to:

  • Pick a location with nice natural light or good artificial light.
  • Avoid areas with lots of background noise (if people have to strain to hear you, they’ll quickly tune out).
  • Make sure the background behind you isn’t distracting, unappealing, or inappropriate.
  • Keep your phone vertical, or you’ll appear sideways in the broadcast.
  • Since comments appear on the bottom third of the screen, focus on showcasing yourself and your background on the top third of your screen.

The most important shot of your broadcast is your opening shot. This will become your thumbnail, so always make your first shot your best. (Hint: Smile BIG!)

5.  Don’t Go On and On and On 

No matter when you choose to Periscope, keep your broadcast short and to the point. You want to hold your audience’s attention span. An easy way to measure interest is to watch the attendee count. Does it fall off after 10 or 15 minutes? Do certain topics keep their attention for longer?

6.  Don’t Rush In

Before you begin sharing your talking points, give people time to log into your broadcast. Otherwise, they will feel left out, or wonder if they missed something important.

Say hi, welcome everyone, acknowledge their comments. Interact with your audience (call them by name)! You can ask them questions to make sure they can hear and see you. Or ask them to give you hearts if they are excited to be joining the broadcast.

7.  Engage Your Audience

Continue to engage your audience even after you dive into your content.  Ask them to share your broadcast, invite them to ask questions or give you hearts in response to your questions or the topic you are discussing.

You can also invite them to check out your company website, email you for more info, or Like or Friend you on your social media sites. If you have a special offer, invite them to sign up or tweet your broadcast so you can send them additional information. Keeping the interaction going is a great way to grow your audience and connect with new customers and biz partners.

8.  Be Consistent, Yet Mix It Up

It’s important to strike a balance with your broadcasts between consistency and mixing it up. You want to keep your messaging and brand consistent, but your broadcasts don’t always have to be the same thing.

One day you can show a behind-the-scenes video,  and the next day share some tips for using your products (or success stories from your team and how they’re doing in your biz). Mix that up with some personal lifestyle updates, or share details regarding an event or conference you’re attending.

9.  Time is of the Essence

Periscope can help you reach a wider audience. It can allow you to connect with people from all over the world. For this reason, it is important to consider the time of day or night you broadcast.

It doesn’t always have to be the same, but keep your audience’s location(s) in mind. Pick a time that will reach the biggest audience. You can vary it if you find certain audience members are missing out on attending the live broadcast and only catching the replay.

I hope you find these tips helpful in your Periscope broadcast journey. Remember, have fun, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You don’t have to be perfect (people will actually like and respond to you more if you’re natural, authentic, and sincere).

With a little practice, you’ll be a Periscope Pro in no time, and you may find this becomes your “tool of choice” to connect with your team and grow your biz!

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