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Let’s Play T.A.G.! Practicing Truth, Acceptance, and Gratitude

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My success in network marketing (and in life) is directly related to using what I call Revolutionary Agreements, as outlined in my book by the same title. These are primarily agreements with myself but also serve as agreements with my team members and loved ones.

The twelve Revolutionary Agreements fall into three categories, which I refer to as the pillars of a good life: Truth, Acceptance, and Gratitude (T.A.G.)


In my early days of network marketing, when my business spread like wildflowers in fertile soil, I was told by customers and business associates, “One of the reasons I was attracted to you is because you are so authentic.” This comes from practicing the four agreements related to living the truth of who I am:

  • I agree to live my mission.
  • I agree to speak my truth, with compassion.
  • I agree to look within when I react.
  • I agree to keep doing what works and change what doesn’t.

When I started my networking business nearly twenty years ago, transparency was something you laid on an overhead projector during a presentation. Today transparency is another way of saying “honesty.” But honesty is more than just telling the truth. Honesty starts from the inside out. It starts with the questions, “What is true for me? What am I passionate about? What is my purpose? My mission? My dreams? And why do I choose this network marketing business as a path to fulfill my purpose and dreams?”

When I am clear on what I’m passionate about, I can share authentically, from the heart. I have learned that the words I say are far less important than the energy and integrity I exude.

The words I say are far less important than the energy and integrity I exude. Click To Tweet

When challenges arise, which they inevitably do in any business, I can look within to discover why I overreact to what others say. (“You’re doing what? MLM?!”) One of the most significant lessons my network marketing mentor taught me is that others simply reflect what you believe.

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Rather than falling victim to circumstances, I can practice the final Truth agreement and adjust my course (or my attitude) to change what is not working for me.


I remember being so passionate about the products we offered that I thought everyone wanted to hear all about them. Oops! What I learned is that everyone wants to be heard. How true the adage, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

The four Revolutionary Agreements that guide me in the area of Acceptance are:

  • I agree to listen with my heart.
  • I agree to respect our differences.
  • I agree to resolve conflicts directly.
  • I agree to honor our choices.

By practicing acceptance, I let go of the burden of judging others. I am less attached to specific outcomes of my efforts and more interested in the quality of my relationships. Interestingly, as my relationships deepen, my business grows.

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The most powerful of these three pillars of a good life is sincere gratitude.

  • I agree to give and receive thanks.
  • I agree to see the best in others and myself.
  • I agree to look for blessings in disguise.
  • I agree to lighten up!

Each one of these agreements has hidden gems for our self-development as well as for our business success. For example, simply learning to receive thanks can open the floodgates to receiving much more, including wealth. If you’re wondering where your flow of income is, ask yourself how good you are at receiving thanks or receiving help from others.

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Practicing the agreement to see the best in others brings out the best in others. Not only does this have the short-term consequence of leading a team of successful networkers (what you see is what you get!), it also has the potential for long-term transformational impact on others’ lives.

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Looking for blessings in disguise has helped me to stay the course when times got tough, trusting that I was being redirected for good reason even when I couldn’t figure out why. For example, my need for health products connected me as a customer to the company with which I have now created lifetime residual income and lifelong friendships. Who would have known that my health challenges would have resulted in my helping countless others and realizing my dream of living in beautiful Colorado in the summertime and Kauai in the winter?

I encourage you to take the time to create your own set of agreements or borrow mine. When you make a covenant with yourself to live authentically, to accept yourself and others for who you and they are, and to feel and express genuine gratitude, you will attract the kind of people to your life that you enjoy working and playing with.

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Have fun playing T.A.G. together!

marian headMarian Head is a successful network marketing  leader, the award-winning author of Revolutionary Agreements: Twelve Ways to Transform Stress and Struggle into Freedom and Joy, and a frequent contributor to Networking Times.



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