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Are You Using the Power of Intent?

Contributor: Marion Culhane


In my previous article Creating Better Outcomes with Greater Ease,  I wrote about the power of clarifying questions. When we can still the mind and ask for clarification from within, we are sometimes amazed at the clarity of the direction we receive. I hope you’ve been working with this as you have gone about your business and your life.

If you haven’t, stop and get still right now. Close your eyes and put your attention within. Take a couple deep breaths to relax and expect an answer. Now ask yourself, “What’s the most important thing I need to know or I can do to move my business forward?” (Of course, ask any question of your choice.) Just pay attention to whatever insights come to you. If nothing appears immediately, stay open for clues and expect that you will be shown. Life is actually conspiring on our behalf, if we pay attention to the signs and believe it to be true.

Life is actually conspiring on our behalf, if we pay attention to the signs and believe it to… Click To Tweet

I hope you’ll continue to work with clarifying questions, and are ready to take that process a step further as we explore the immense power of our intent.

I encourage you to visit my website and  receive the free gift of my Universal Principles. You’ll see that one of the key Universal Principles on the list is “intent”:

Intent is a formative, all powerful force! Life organizes around our intent. We live in a field of infinite possibilities.

An intent is our resolve towards or expectation of an outcome. We may intend to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. We may intend to be kind and caring. We can intend anything we choose. The amazing aspect of intent is that it will come to pass, if we hold it with focus and clarity – feeling, expecting and knowing that it is actually occurring.

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When my partner and I had been in our business for about five months and our business was beginning to grow, the thought crossed my mind that we could become top leaders. I stopped and deeply felt this intent. “We are achieving the highest leadership level within our company.” It wasn’t just a nice thought. It was what I knew could be true and in that moment, it felt true. It was happening as I felt it. (Some associates would rise to the top. Why not us?)

I knew the power of intent and continued to carry ours within me. It was a living presence. It had become my identity. I enjoyed taking the action that top leaders take and doing the work I was guided to do. We stayed focused in supporting the people who were working alongside us, attending the events, making the calls, and doing all the things top leaders do. I knew that commitment, focus, persistence, and consistency were important, but our intent was the key. Without the expectation and knowing that we were already top leaders, doubts and fears might have crept in and blocked our way.

I had begun teaching others how to work with intent five years before we had started our business. Here are some keys for success in working with intents:

  • You must truly want what you intend. This is a full body experience.
  • It is important to carry the intent within you. Feel it as a part of you. Create a statement in the first person and present tense. In our case it was, “We’re enjoying being top leaders in (name of our company).” Release any limiting beliefs that might arise and continue to hold and carry your intent.
You must truly want what you intend. This is a full body experience. Click To Tweet

Because all of life is “energy, vibration, and consciousness” and “like attracts like,” everything that’s in alignment with your intent starts showing up (provided you actually believe your intent.) If doubts or blocks appear, they are simply an opportunity to move through fears and return to your intent.

In a few short years, we were among the first top leaders in our company.

It wasn’t magic. It had required a lot of hours of sharing, caring, calling, and attending. We focused on all those things that are suggested you do as part of your daily business. The difference was, we clearly knew we were living/fulfilling our intent. It was what made all the difference.

I have been teaching people how to work with intent and how to release limiting beliefs since 1990. If that’s something that would be helpful to you or your team, you can contact me on my website.

In the meantime, what are some of the key intents you want to live your life from?  Dream big! Infinite possibilities do exist!

Marion_CulhaneMarion Culhane has been a top leader, trainer, and coach in network marketing for more than 20 years. For more information about Marion’s 4-week class entitled, “Breaking Through Barriers – Unleashing Your Greatness”  and future events, visit



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