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Tell Your Story so People Will Listen – Part 2

Lance Conrad continues his guest post on the art of storytelling in network marketing.

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whats your story

Company Story

This is where most people get tripped up. What have you done with this opportunity? The problem is that most people either are just starting out or don’t feel like their story is good enough. You are your own worst enemy… Knock it off! This is a great place to share your goals within a company. Maybe you haven’t made a million dollars… yet—but why can’t you in the future?

When I started in this profession, I was a beginner just like everyone else. For the first year, I used that to my advantage. I shared with people my goals. When they started asking questions, I would say that because I’m fairly new, they need to come to my meeting where they can hear from my friend who knows the answers. My goal was to be a Diamond by the end of one year. I’m looking for people who want to go with me. I shared that goal with 3 to 6 new people every day until it happened exactly 1 year later at midnight.

Your goal can be to make $500 a month. Your goal can be to make enough money so you can fire your boss in 6 months. Your goal can be to make $100K per month within 5 years.

Your story does not have to be only what you have already done. Your story should definitely include what you plan to do with this business. What are your goals? What are your dreams? What is your WHY?

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The key is to share your goals and to share your commitment to those goals.

“My goal is to make enough money from this business monthly by the end of the year that I can fire my boss. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make that happen. If it takes me 2 or 3 years, I’m going to continue working until I make it happen.”

People do not only follow passion, they follow commitment. If they feel you are only trying something, they will wait to see the results. If they feel you are committed, they will say, “Take me with you.”

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Keep it simple. Get to the point quickly.

The interesting thing about my story is that after I achieved my goals, my story didn’t change. My background was the same. The reason I joined network marketing was the same. The only thing that changed was that instead of telling people what I was going to do in the future tense, I starting sharing with people what I had already done in the past tense.

Too often, people either say to themselves or to their upline, “I can’t wait to make a ton of money so that THEN people will listen to me and follow me.” Or even worse, “I am only going to cold call and talk to people that I don’t know until I make a lot of money and then I will talk to the people I know.”

Really? People that know you won’t listen to you so you think people that don’t know you will? Wrong. Stop making it about you or what you have done. Make it about the company. Make it about the product. Make it about the mentor. Make it about your dreams. Make it about your passion. Make it about your future and where you are going. Make it about your commitment.

Keep it short. Practice it until you can tell the whole thing in 90 seconds or less. Tell it with passion and excitement—and they will listen!! The cool thing about sharing your why, sharing your goals, sharing your dreams every day is that it recommits YOU to do what it takes to achieve them. It reminds you that your dreams are important and worth fighting for. It empowers others to believe that they can chase their dreams too!!

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It’s time to get very good at telling your story. Keep it simple. Practice, practice, practice. Now go get busy telling your story to anyone who will listen!


Lance ConradLance Conrad has traveled the world teaching people how to find financial freedom through success principles. He trains the individual on principles that will enhance all aspects of their lives. He consults with companies on how to create a culture of attraction. He loves to help people break through barriers. He is most proud of his wife of 17 years Tanya and his 3 daughters Sierra 15, Kianna 12, and Faith 8. Follow Lance on periscope at lanceconrad5



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