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Tell Your Story so People Will Listen – Part 1

story telling

Contributor: Lance Conrad

story telling

Have you noticed that all the best distributors are great storytellers? This is a storytelling business, and if you want to be successful, you need to learn how to tell your story.

You might be thinking, “I’m new and I don’t have a story yet.” Wrong! Everybody has a story to tell and your success in the business will depend on how well you can tell yours.

“Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill in business.” – Gary Vaynerchuk Click To Tweet

There are a few parts to every good story.

  1. Your past. What did you do before joining this profession?
  2. The hook. Why did you get excited about the company you joined?
  3. Your company story or goals. What have you done so far? If new or not excited about your results so far, what are your goals with this company?

Your Past

Everybody has done something before joining their current business. Get good at explaining your background in 30 seconds or less. “I was a Technical Recruiter (I found people jobs for a living) for 10 years prior to joining this company.”   A recruiter might seem like a perfect fit, but some of the most compelling stories are those with less applicable experience. For instance, I am a student. I am a house wife. I am a fast food worker. I am… fill in the blank.

People want to know what your background is. They want to relate to you. They need to know that anybody can do this business.

As you hear other people tell their success stories, collect the best ones.   For instance,

“I have a friend who was an oil rig worker. He got into this industry with the hopes of getting off the rigs and has made over $100 million dollars.”

“I have a friend who was a housewife and wanted to make an extra $500/month to help the family. One year after starting the business, her husband was able to retire from his job and they both do this business full time.”

Other people’s stories come in handy to relate to the person in front of you.

Other people’s stories come in handy to relate to the person in front of you. Click To Tweet

What’s your background? Get good at telling your past experience in a short and simple manner. Listen to other people at conventions and collect the best stories for later.

The Hook

The second part of the story you get to tell is about your business or your product.

I was introduced to this company by my friend Rob. I fell in love with the product that helps lose weight…I lost 20 lbs. I couldn’t believe the results I had in just one serving… I saw the wrinkles disappear and knew there was an outstanding opportunity…

This is a chance to start advertising your company, your favorite product, your business partner, or whatever it is that got you fired up and excited about starting a new business.

You can tell a story about the success of your upline… You can tell a story about the outstanding products…you can tell a story about the ordinary people you met who are having extraordinary results… Whatever you say in part 2 is the hook. If it was good enough to get you excited, tell why you are excited with enthusiasm so that your passion is felt by your friends and family feel your passion!

Keep it simple and pick THE BEST PART. One amazing product will do nicely. Share one success story you heard. Mention one upline mentor who is working with you. The tendency is to get so excited that you want to tell them about all the products and all the amazing people you are working with…

Don’t fall into this trap. It’s called “throwing up on people.” You want to give them one thing to get them interested—and save the rest for the meeting or the webinar. The hook is to create interest, not to satisfy curiosity. If you give too much information here, people think that they don’t need to come to a meeting to make a decision. They know enough already.

Keep it simple. Keep it short. Lead with the best part ONLY!

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Lance ConradLance Conrad has traveled the world teaching people how to find financial freedom through success principles. He trains the individual on principles that will enhance all aspects of their lives. He consults with companies on how to create a culture of attraction. He loves to help people break through barriers. He is most proud of his wife of 17 years Tanya and his 3 daughters Sierra 15, Kianna 12, and Faith 8. Follow Lance on periscope at lanceconrad5



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