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Where Do Successful Distributors Come From?

Contributor: Tony Escobar

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Network marketing is all about cooperation and healthy competition. As a distributor, your toughest opposition is you, and competing with yourself is an absolute must, especially if you want to experience growth, progress, and excellence.

If you can triumph over your passions and conquer yourself, no one can ever distract you from your goal of joy, happiness, and abundance.

The only person you need to beat is the person you were yesterday.

The only person you need to beat is the person you were yesterday. Click To Tweet

Nobody wants to be labeled yesterday’s news! Rise up now, seize this moment, and magnify yourself. Do the things you were meant to do by becoming the person you were meant to be. There are no drive-thru success stories in network marketing. Success takes a significant investment of time, determination, self-discipline, patience, and hard work.

Success takes a great investment of time, determination, self-discipline, patience and hard… Click To Tweet

You have a why and a significant purpose in your life. If you are like most struggling distributors, your greatest weakness is the lack of courage to get out there and talk to people, coupled with a lack of persistent effort and self-discipline.

Have you ever wondered why you are at the back of the auditorium at major company events instead of occupying the front rows or being on the stage yourself? The reason many distributors aren’t thriving is because they have lost faith and belief in themselves. They’ve found contentment as victims of rationalization and justification.

To win, you must begin. There is a freeway to success, and if you don’t keep up with the winners, you will get rolled over. Winners always choose the future they want; losers choose exactly what they deserve. Remember, winners do daily what losers do rarely.

Winners do daily what losers do rarely. Click To Tweet

Success is attained more ardently as a result of your baptism in the furnace of discouragement and the despairing days of mistakes, disappointment, and adversity, than by swimming in that warm pool of complacency, comfort, and tranquility.

I remember when I was a boy, my dad had an old four-door Austin automobile. Every morning he would have to aggressively turn the crank over and over again in order to get it started so he could go to work. My dad doing all that cranking every day reminds me of so many distributors who, after a time, get complacent, lazy, or make excuses for their lack of performance.

Many times they have to be aggressively cranked by others to get started or restarted. They never seem to be able to self-start themselves. Obviously, such distributors rarely become top producers, influential leaders, or get the edification they are starving for.

I exercise every single day. The hardest thing about exercise is getting started – especially when you haven’t done it for a while, because you know it’s going to be tough and painful in the beginning. But when you see the results, it becomes hard to stop. The same philosophy applies to your business. It’s tough to get started, but once that little spark of success has ignited within, that blazing inferno of enthusiasm will overwhelm you.

Now is the time for you to fill your mind, your heart, and your soul with thoughts of success and abundance. It’s time to energize yourself to get back to work and reignite that blazing furnace of enthusiasm that resides within you.

There will be times when mistakes, rejection, disappointment, and discouragement will overwhelm you and you may even think about quitting.  Whenever you do, simply sit down with a notepad and a pen, and ponder this question:

“What was it that motivated me to get started in my business in the first place?”

Give yourself five answers to this question, and I assure you, you will surprise and astonish yourself. There’s a job to be done and you are not a quitter. Re-ignite your attitude, re-engage your efforts, work harder than ever before, pursue your dream and have fun with your business – it’s a good one! There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is the brightest light you will ever see, especially when you immerse yourself in it.

Here’s something else to remember: the most successful distributors didn’t come from affluence, wealth, and riches; they were molded and shaped from a powerful WHY, a magnificent purpose, and solid determination, combined with sweat, tears, courage, and self-discipline. Decide to become one of them!


Tony Escobar Networking TimesTony and Randi Escobar are top earners in their network marketing company and lead an organization of 1,670,000 members. They have helped create over 140 million-dollar earners within their own team so far. Tony and Randi are the only network marketers in history to receive a Congressional Commendation from the House of Representatives of the United States and fourteen Gubernatorial Commendations.



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