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Why Women Are Wired to Win in Network Marketing

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Sonia Stringer’s Recruiting Workshop for Women – a Free Livestream event taking place this Feb 23rd, from 10 am till 6 pm PST.

This event will unfold in a studio with a small live audience, and simultaneously broadcasted to over 40,000 people across the globe.

Since I’m one of the speakers, I’d like to share my excitement and give you a sneak peak of what I will be covering, so you can see the tremendous value of this event for yourself and your team.

When it comes to recruiting, I think of what Simon Sinek so brilliantly teaches in his TED talk:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Every successful entrepreneur will agree, “If we know why we do what we do, the how becomes easy,” and “those who know the why always find the how.”

So what gets women excited about starting a network marketing business?  What makes them pour their hearts and souls into it and overcome the inevitable challenges they encounter?

The answer is, network marketing gives them a way to live their purpose. They see the business as a vehicle to grow themselves and contribute their gifts. They see it as a pathway to become a better person and create a better world.

When we can tie our business to our life purpose, we become unstoppable. Why is network marketing the perfect business for women who are passionate about making a difference? The answer has to do with how we are wired.

  • Women are more attuned to our emotions. This heightened emotional awareness (of self and other) can be our greatest asset, if we learn to become aware of and manage our emotional state (I will be giving practical tips and specific tools for this!)
  • Buying is an emotional decision. Women are born to sell, meaning: we are wired to sense what people are wanting and needing, and offer them ways to satisfy these wants and needs. We are natural caretakers and nurturers.
  • We buy from people because we feel good in their presence. Some people we just resonate with. To be successful in business today, we need to know how to express emotions, how to use them, how to transform them. (Again, women are wired for this!)
  • As women move beyond our childrearing years, our hormones change and our focus expands from our family to include the world. We feel drawn to use our wisdom and energy to care for those in need, the earth, and its various life forms. Our focus moves from procreation to co-creation.
  • Network marketing offers a playground to grow ourselves and contribute our gifts, to shine our light by being a force for good in the world. It is a business model based on leverage, allowing us to have a lot more influence than in most professions.
  • As humanity is evolving towards greater freedom, we are moving from an economy based on employment (centralization) to one based on entrepreneurship (decentralization). The good news about this shift is that this empowers a lot more people to take charge of their lives. It also requires considerable personal and professional growth. These are the very things we learn and teach in our business.

These are just some of the topics I will be covering in my one-on-one session with Sonia in the afternoon. In the morning, there will be a panel discussion with women leaders, who thanks to network marketing have been able to make a huge difference in their communities and support bigger causes in a significant way.

Here are some of the stories I will be sharing on the panel:

I hope you will join me at this exciting event!

Here is the link to Save Your Seat!


Josephine GrossDr. Josephine Gross is Cofounder and Editor in Chief of Networking Times. Originally from  Belgium, she came to the U.S. to complete her Ph.D. at Stanford University. Together with her husband Chris, she founded Networking Times in 2001. Today it is the premier publication for network marketing professionals. Josephine interviews top income earners from all over the world, asking them exactly how they built their businesses so readers can instantly benefit and shorten their learning curve to achieve success. Read more about Josephine here.




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