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Rebirthing Ourselves in Challenging Times

Contributor: Marion Culhane

We live in the most rapidly changing time of transformation ever known to humankind. Other generations have faced enormous challenges; however none matches the frequency and intensity of life-threatening crises we face today. Throughout history and the natural world, breakdown and breakthroughs have occurred simultaneously.

Crisis serves as an evolutionary driver, moving all of us to a greater state of awareness. This is what is happening today.

Ancient prophecies and wisdom teachings predicted that a major global “rebirth” would occur. None could foresee that it would include worldwide economic disruptions, terrorism, war, and climate change that would threaten our planet and all life upon it. No one expected that worldwide access to global communications would magnify and spread both good and evil at lightening speed around the world. These crises, and others, have had a ripple effect, creating challenges (and opportunities) that affect us all.

These challenges demand that we look within, release our fears and draw from more expansive perspectives. As we go through what some are calling a “Cosmic Birth,” we are in the process of actually rebirthing ourselves in order to meet these ever-increasing demands.


Those of us who have given birth have some idea of what happens during the process. We go through a time of transition just before the baby is born when contractions intensify to the point where one might wonder if it is death, rather than birth, that is about to occur. Before my first son was born, I had never experienced such sustained, intense pain.  But, the joy and love I felt as soon as he was placed in my arms drove away all prior pain and fear. I believe that we will have even greater, ongoing experiences of love and connection as we move through our own personal and collective rebirths.

We know a similar “breakdown before breakthrough” occurs when the caterpillar dissolves to become a butterfly. It occurs when the egg is pecked open by the baby chick or bird. Once the shell is destroyed, the bird becomes free. There’s no forewarning for the caterpillar that someday it will fly or for the developing chick of the freedom that lies ahead.

caterpillar to butterfly

Each new form must experience its own breakthrough. It is only by going through the challenges of the transition phase that the caterpillar or unborn chick develops the strength it needs to move to its next stage. The period of breakdown and struggle provides the challenges that are necessary for life to evolve. This is the transition stage we are experiencing now.

Prior to birth, that which is being transformed doesn’t know what’s ahead. The egg cracks. The caterpillar spins its cocoon. Consciousness begins to awaken in individuals around the world.

During these transition times, there’s uncertainty and fear. We can only imagine and hope what the outcome will be. Humans have the advantage of being aware of fully awakened individuals who are alive now or were in the past. Some of us have our own direct experiences. We may have periods of expanded love, a deeper appreciation and a greater sense of ease; however, the planet as a whole has never known a wide scale shift from separation and fear to unity and love. That is the prediction of what is ahead.

Never before have so many millions of people become involved in personal development and the raising of their own consciousness. This awakening is occurring just as the world seems to be falling apart.

As Network Marketers, we find ourselves in the “right place at the right time.” Network Marketing has been referred to as a “personal development program wrapped around a product.” It’s embedded in our culture to consistently work on growing ourselves. We know that success in our business and life depends upon it. The more rapidly we can let go of our fears and expand our consciousness, the faster and more fulfilling our lives become.

Awakening is a source of strength for each one of us in our profession. We all benefit as we grow in integrity, caring, and trust. We bring greater stability and fulfillment for everyone.

What can you do to support your own rebirth process?

  • Hold the Intent that you are awakening to your full potential and True Self NOW. Allow this to unfold as it will.
  • Practice staying present and adopt a meditation or centering practice to quiet the mind. Listen deeply to your own body and intuition for guidance.
  • Honor your heart’s deepest desires and release limiting beliefs that block you.
  • Associate with conscious people and accelerate the process with an experienced mentor or coach.


Marion Culhane has been a top leader, trainer and coach in Network Marketing for more than twenty years. She is available for classes and coaching through her website at



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