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Why Struggle? Get It Right!

Contributor: John Haremza

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Network Marketing is an incredible business. It is more than a career, more than a profession. It is a way of life. A far better way of life.

When I was introduced to network marketing I was living in a trailer park, deeply in debt, working 8-12 hour days as a maintenance guy, on call 24/7 and trying to hide the severe dyslexia that had plagued me all my life.

I thought network marketing was one of those things “where only people at the top make money” and where you just “lose your friends”. In fact it is the exact opposite. One of the first challenges we all face is the dream stealers disguised as friends and family. This was my first challenge. My friends and family thought I was crazy and that I was throwing away the best job I would ever have to embrace this “network marketing thing.”

Now after 26 years and earning $15 million dollars I look back and say, “Wow, network marketing changed my life beyond my wildest imagination.”

But… despite my love for our business, I am disturbed as I meet so many intelligent, dedicated, hard-working individuals who are frustrated, because they are not seeing the results they expected. They ask me, “Why? Why am I not seeing the results I’ve heard so much about? Where’s the money?”

In my book, Right or Almost Right (launching December 8, 2015) I talk about the subtleties of our business that make the difference between struggling and thriving, between making a lot of money and a little money.

There are so many things we all do every day that we think are right, in fact they are “almost right,” yet don’t bring us the results we expect. I am totally convinced the small adjustments between “Right or Almost Right” make all the difference.

I was on a motorcycle ride last summer through some of our most beautiful country, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Big Horn and Bear Tooth Mountains of Montana, and Wyoming. As I was riding I was struck with emotion and I asked myself, “How did I get here? How did a dyslexic kid from a small town in Minnesota, who everyone thought was slow and stupid, end up with a life of financial and personal freedom? How did this happen?”

Three words came to mind – consistency, faith, and focus.

CONSISTENT… If I’m known for anything, it’s for being consistent. Consistency is like swinging a bat – you just have to keep swinging. If you are not consistent, you are starting over all the time.

FAITH… Another word for faith is persistent. You have to have faith to keep going when the picture is not clear and the money is not there. It is difficult to pay the price when the picture is not clear, but you must have faith that in the long term your efforts will pay off.

FOCUS… Don’t let life’s challenges distract you. Our biggest competition is life itself, with all the daily demands that can take us off focus. I promise you that laser focus will make your dreams your reality.

Just one more thing. My Small Step Philosophy. Never, ever underestimate the impact each step, every decision you make has on the outcome of your life and success.

You can make 2016 your best year ever, if you embrace and believe that success is a Small Step to the TOP taken every day, every day, every day…

right or almost right

John Haremza’s book Right or Almost Right: The Fine Line Between Phenomenal Success and Average Results in Network Marketing launches on December 8, 2015. 

Editor’s Note:

john_haremza_imgJohn Haremza is a 25-year veteran of network marketing with earnings in excess of $15 million.  As a kid, John battled with dyslexia when no one knew what dyslexia was.  He was considered slow and stupid and had to have tests read to him.  His fondest ambition was to be invisible. 

What inspired John to get his ideas in writing?  “I was inspired by the numerous, hardworking, qualified people I meet who are struggling.  They seem to be doing everything right, but they are not seeing the success they expected.” John believes that success lies in the small subtleties of our business, doing things right vs. almost right.    

His book Right or Almost Right is written in an easy to follow question-and-answer format.  It’s written by a leader who has reached the top, yet remains involved daily in building his business.  John addresses the issues we all deal with every day in recruiting, motivation, follow-up, leadership, and answering common questions such as, “Is this one of those pyramid things? When should I follow up?  How do I answer objections?

As John says, “Network marketing changed my life in ways far beyond my imagination”.  His  book is a must read for any student of the network marketing profession.  



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