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Network Marketing in a Nutshell

Contributor:  Mondez Hollomon


Network marketing can be one of the most rewarding professions in the world. However, before starting your career in this field, I recommend you become very clear about your why.

What is your reason for starting a network marketing business? Most people think their why is “to make money,” but that’s only the surface layer. Your why is usually related to a more deeply rooted issue that money could fix, for instance, lack of time/freedom, inability to pursue your passions or purpose, and so on.

Once you have made the decision to start, action must follow. Your network needs to know that you are committed to a purpose and not just trying something or giving something a shot.

Make it crystal clear to your network that you’re building a business in your selected company and that you intend to become successful. Your posture and mindset are critical components to create success when getting started.

Next, you want to align yourself with successful people who not only have experience in the profession, but also have made money. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t let the blind lead the blind. (Even prior to joining a company, I recommend you connect with the most senior distributor in your sponsor’s lineage.)

Top money earners typically have achieved that status because they understand how to get results. Find out and study what it takes to be successful, not only in your company, but in the network marketing profession.

I am not saying you have to fly all over the country to meet people, but if you have the opportunity and resources to meet and train with leaders, I highly suggest taking advantage of it. People follow people, not companies.

Once you have joined, following a system is essential. You have to commit to being coachable for a season until you have a success story of your own. In the meantime, be excited to share the success stories of others in your company to let your network know you are working with established leaders in the profession.

This step helps your network validate your decision and takes the focus initially off of you. It will spare you the unfair questions many hear in the beginning of their career, such as, “”Have you made any money yet?” Learn how to leverage the leaders in the company and upline.

Once your team starts growing, learn how to promote from event to event to assist in the duplication process. When people say they do not like going to meetings, respond with. “I understand how you feel, I once felt the same way, but let’s be real, this is network marketing, which means you have to network.”

Company events help raise not only your belief level, but your team’s as well. In addition, it gives you the ability to recruit and train in waves. If you are not in the business of either identifying or developing leaders, you will never experience the true power of leverage this business model can create.

At some point your business may plateau. This means you need to begin to brand yourself and start generating your own source of leads. Now that you are making money, a portion of that revenue needs to be allocated towards your marketing budget. It’s impossible to run a business without ongoing marketing—and I’m not talking about handing out flyers in the parking lot of malls.

You are going to have to start looking at your business as an enterprise with multiple components. There are traditional marketing strategies as well as online marketing strategies that work. Learn how to combine the two, because they are equally important. The ultimate marriage is when one feeds the other!

To Your Success!

mondez-and-kaylaMondez Hollomon is a young network marketing leader from Washington, DC who heads up a large organization of  active distributors and  loyal customers. Trained as an engineer, he started building his business part time by being extremely productive a few hours here and there. Thanks to his focus and determination, he was able to leave his job and is now thoroughly enjoying every moment of his life. Mondez met his wife Kayla at a training event and together they obtained the top position in their company.



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  • Sulaiman Dave Bola-Babs
    November 29, 2015 at 7:57 am

    I love the brevity of this power-packed article. We can’t overemphasize the fact that Network Marketing is a business which needs marketing budget and branding.
    I also appreciate the marriage of both online and offline platforms in our marketing strategies.

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