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Everyone knows leadership plays an important role in network marketing success. So how do you lead your work-at-home team?

What Exactly Is Leadership?

Some say leadership is influence. Others says leadership is persuasion. Others yet say Leadership = Vision + Action. In my experience, in network marketing, a leader’s job is to mobilize energy.

Leadership is an energy at the very core of a leader that catalyzes people to achieve successful outcomes they did not think they could ever achieve.

It is a force that radiates from them. It is a passion that burns inside of them. It is a drive that pushes the leader to move forward. It is a vision no one else sees that the leader must move towards and accomplish.

It is a magnetic emotion that pulls people towards you. It is going to the very top of the mountain and taking a whole lot of people with you. Leaders move people.

Leadership is about moving people towards something much bigger than what average people dream in life, so they can live their dream throughout their life.

That is my “inspiring” definition of leadership. Now, let’s get to a more “technical” definition to help you understand the tactics of leadership.

Leadership is a set of skills, strategies, attitudes, and beliefs that we engage consistently, daily, and fervently for everyone’s benefit. To define it specifically for network marketing:

Leadership is boldly taking on the responsibilities and commitments of creating an empowering environment and a path to success that people willingly follow.

If this seem like a tall order, the good news is, leadership is a skill you can learn and develop, and the best way to learn it is to practice and teach it. Network marketing provides the perfect environment to do both, and if you do, the results will be a rock solid team of wealth-producing leaders and a sustainable business that continually expands.


Doug FirebaughDoug Firebaugh is a veteran networker and coach to the networking profession. Doug has over 20 years of experience in direct sales and network marketing. He has been blessed with winning numerous awards and helping people “Maximize their Human Success Capital” that lies within them.




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