The Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring

magic words to selling

How many times has this happened to you?  You approach someone who could truly benefit from using your products, but when you share a few details, it’s obvious she just doesn’t get it (and spouts off excuses like “it’s too expensive” or “I don’t need this right now” and quickly changes the subject).

Or, you meet people every day who complain about their jobs or low income, but when you bring up your business opportunity, it’s obvious they just don’t see the true value in what you’re offering.

How frustrated do you feel when you know your products and business can make such a difference in people’s lives, but it’s obvious they just don’t see what YOU see? If this happens to you, please know you are not alone. Perhaps the most common and painful aspect of our business is knowing we have products and a business opportunity that can literally change people’s lives, and yet it can be such a struggle to get others to take a serious look.

There’s something very important I want you to know.

If you aren’t generating sales or recruiting strong leaders in your business, it’s not because of what you are DOING…it’s because of what you are SAYING!

Most of you are doing all the right things (picking up the phone, going out to network, connecting with people on Facebook, talking to your friends and family) but what you are SAYING isn’t working! And it’s not your fault. Many of you have never been taught how to communicate about your products, or your business opportunity, so people can easily see the value of what you’re offering. You’ve likely been given a canned script or outline, then left on your own to figure it out. No wonder so many network marketing and direct sales professionals are feeling frustrated and not making the money they should be making.

There’s good news. You can learn a simple approach, a way of talking about your products and business opportunity that makes ALL the difference in how people respond. This approach is simple, but very effective. In fact, it’s not uncommon for distributors to experience an immediate boost in sales or recruiting results when using this approach (even 25% – 60% within a month). This approach is called the Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring.

What exactly are these “magic words”?

These are the words or phrases that make it easy for people to see the value in your products and business, and get excited. Instead of seeing that blank stare, deer-in-the-headlights kind of look, you’ll see your prospects actually perk up and become very interested in what you are sharing. When you use magic words, other people are able to see the value in your products and business opportunity the way YOU can. And when you get comfortable using these words, they truly do work like magic!

Becoming fluent in this approach can take a little practice, but it’s simple and (most importantly) a very authentic and natural way for you to relate to other people.

Here are four-steps that will help you learn the Magic Words approach quickly. To help you remember the 4 keys to the Magic Words approach, I created the acronym S.E.F.M. (Sell Effectively Forever More or Sponsor Effectively Forever More).

S stands for Speak THEIR Language.

When we talk to others about our products or business opportunity, we often speak OUR language. We use words or jargon that means something to us, but doesn’t mean much to our prospects. We tend to talk about what WE love about the products, or how the business opportunity changed OUR lives, and we continue sharing details, speaking from OUR point of view. This makes it challenging for people to see the value that’s there for them, as it’s all about us. The key to speaking your prospects’ language is to focus on “WITT” or what’s important to them so they can more easily recognize the value in what you are sharing, and how it can help THEM.

E stands for END RESULTS or benefits.

Another common mistake we all make is that when we share with prospects, we tend to talk ABOUT the products or ABOUT the business opportunity. We share a lot of information or details related to the products (the ingredients, how they are formulated, how to use them) or we share information about the business opportunity (details on the company, the leadership, or how comp plan works). Although this information is interesting and important, it’s NOT why people buy your products, and it’s NOT why they join your team.

People buy products or join your team because of what’s in it FOR THEM.

What end results or benefits will they receive by using products? Will they get younger-looking skin, lose weight, or have more energy? What end results or benefits can they experience by joining your team? Will they have more free time, extra money to travel, or the opportunity to support causes that are important to them?

You want to sell the DESTINATION, not the AIRPLANE.

When you go online to book a flight or plan a trip, you’re excited about the destination. You’re not as concerned about the kind of plane you’ll be taking, you’re focused on the “end results” and the experience you’ll have when you arrive in Hawaii or Paris. This is the same with your prospects! They often don’t need all the details, they want to know where they’re going to end up if they use your products or take part in your business. That’s what motivates them to act, and that’s what you need to stress effectively for others to get excited.

F stands for FEELINGS.

People buy your products or join your business because of the end results they can experience, but what really motivates your prospects to take action are FEELINGS. For example, your prospects may buy your product to “lose weight” but what they are really after is feeling more fit, attractive and confident. People join your team to make extra money, but what they are truly after are the feelings that having extra money will give them (such as a greater sense of security, freedom, etc). If you want to inspire people to buy from you or join your team, you want to stress the FEELINGS they can experience by using your products or joining your business, in addition to the benefits or end results.

M stands for Match the Message to Your Prospects

When you point out to someone the kinds of benefits (or even feelings) your products or business can provide, you want to be sure to stress ideas that will resonate with the person in front of you. For example, your business opportunity can obviously help people make more money. If you are talking to a mom, emphasize she could make more money so she can be home with her kids. That’s a benefit or message that matches what’s important to her.

If you’re speaking to a baby boomer, he wants more money too, but for different reasons. Point out how your business can help him have more money for retirement, so he can feel more secure and have more fun playing golf, traveling, or visiting the grandkids. This is a message that matches what’s important to him.

Although simple, these 4 keys make it much easier for your prospects to recognize the value in what you are sharing with them. Use “magic words” anytime you talk about your products or business, and you’ll easily inspire other people to buy from you, and even join your business.

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Sonia Stringer is a professional speaker, coach and popular mentor to 300,000 women in the network marketing/direct selling profession. Known as “The Women’s Business Coach,” she is known for “elegant influencing skills” and her ability to help women sell and recruit, in a way that is comfortable, classy and highly effective. 



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