Stepping into Leadership

Did you know that a vast majority of new consultants and distributors unintentionally limit their success?

With their enthusiasm and focus revolving solely around product and product sales, they overlook the potential of a leadership role and may not recognize the optimal time and best opportunity to step into leadership.

Let’s see if the following story rings true for you or someone on your team.

Jeanne wasn’t thinking about leadership. As a newer consultant, she was becoming very skilled at talking about and selling her products. Retailing was easy and comfortable for her because she had enjoyed terrific personal results with her products—and those results inspired her to develop her business. Instead of thinking about leadership, she was thinking about sales!

It was fun and easy to talk about her products. Jeanne was working her list and sharing her product story with everyone she knew. Her enthusiasm for the products was contagious! She continued to develop her sales skills, expand her customer base and focus on products!

Yet everything changed when, one day, Jeanne discovered that her singular focus on selling product was limiting her success.

Before I share the rest of the story, here’s part of the lesson. Yes, it makes sense for consultants to share their enthusiasm for their product or service. Yes, you want to develop a consistent monthly sales volume and solid sales skills. Yet, I challenge you to open your awareness to the fact that a singular focus on selling product will limit the amount of income you can earn.

Now, your pay plan may generously reward you for personal sales and retailing and that’s great. Yet, when you really think about it, even if you are a top salesperson, in most cases you couldn’t possibly sell enough products to fully leverage the potential of your pay plan.

If you desire to tap into the wealth that comes from creating ongoing residual income, you need to understand that this type of wealth is created by sponsoring and stepping into leadership, by committing to building a team.

Like Jeanne and so many others, I got stuck in the “sales” phase when I was starting out. And yet, the goal should be to move into the next phase, the “team” phase as quickly as possible, where ALONG with generating sales, your focus is on sponsoring others to do what you do.

In this “team” phase, you become equally proficient at talking about your business as you are at talking about your products. When prospecting, you begin to lead with the business. You consistently and enthusiastically talk to people about how your business is expanding and how you are looking for the right people to join your team. As an emerging leader, this is where you ultimately want to be.

I was thrilled to have Jeanne on my team.

One day she called and said, “Hey Leslie, I am great at selling! My personal sales are really strong! But for some reason, I just can’t seem to get anyone interested in the business!”

“Great job Jeanne!” I said, then held her up by saying, “You’ve obviously mastered talking about the products. And if you’re happy with where your check is that’s terrific! Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“However Jeanne, if you want to increase your check, then we need to start mastering the next phase of your business, which is learning how to sponsor and build a team.”

Fortunately for Jeanne, she wanted to create more success and so she moved into the “team” phase very quickly.

If you’re only strong at product sales, then that’s probably what you lead with when approaching others. When you start asking for business partners with the same gusto and enthusiasm with which you ask for sales, the sponsoring will happen. It’s a matter of awareness followed by a shift in messaging followed by action!

Is it your time to step into leadership? Or possibly someone on your team?

When you purposely choose to sponsor and build a team, you point yourself in the direction of exponential growth. When you purposely step into leadership, you become the leader you’re looking for and you walk the path of unlimited possibilities.


Leslie ZannLeslie Zann is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and personal coach who teaches networkers proven strategies for increasing sales, sponsoring, and leadership development. A 20 year veteran in Direct Selling, having built a successful direct selling business herself, Leslie also has eight years of corporate training experience in direct selling, network marketing, and party-plan environments.



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