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Creating a Magnetic Mindset

Carlos Marin

Contributor: Carlos Marin

What is reality?

Your reality is whatever you believe to be true. What creates your reality is what you pay attention to most of the time. What you direct your attention to grows in your life, and what you take it away from, withers and dies.

Some people believe success is hard, that it can be gained only by some gargantuan, super human effort that few can ever perform or sustain. They focus their attention on the effort instead of the result they desire. If you give your power (belief) to the effort then you make things harder than they need to be.

Trust me, I know from experience because I have been guilty of doing this myself. While counting the cost of success and focusing on how much effort it would take to achieve it, I was frozen in mediocrity producing haphazard results. Once I determined what I desired and kept my attention focused on it consistently it became a piece of cake to build my business.

One of my mentors, Dr. Denis Waitley always said, “In life you’ll never get what you want, you’ll only get what you expect.”

Whatever you believe to be true will be true for you. That is the power of positive expectancy. Worry, doubt, and fear are all negative expectancy. They are all about focusing on what you don’t want and imagining (in many cases vividly) what you don’t want to happen.

So if you worry about or fear what you don’t want to happen what are you focusing on? What you don’t want. And what will you make real? What you don’t want!

The key to success is to have a dream you love so much that you continually focus on it. You think about it all the time, seeing and feeling yourself as having already attained it.

Thoughts are things. They are the seeds of what you will manifest in your life.

Physical results are simply the effects of your thoughts. You want to create a mindset that literally attracts to you all the good things you desire in life.

I want to impress upon you that building a network marketing business is not hard. It is simple and the results are predictable as long as you think correctly and follow a proven system. Therefore, the key is learning to think correctly and following a proven pattern that produces predictable results.

Can you get excited about having the financial riches and wealth that you desire deep down inside and know that you deserve? Can you also get excited about helping other people have the wealth they desire and deserve? This is the journey or mission you’re embarking on in network marketing.

You may be thinking – gosh, that would be nice but that’s a bit Polly Anna’ish or idealistic! Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Is what you’re doing right now giving you the results you’ve always wanted? If not, what makes you think it will in the future?

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How are you using your thought process and imagination? Are you using it to serve you and create a wonderful life or are you in bondage to your fears, worries and doubts? Whatever you focus on most of the time is what you will create in your life.

What would you attempt in life if it were impossible to fail? If time and money were no longer a factor and you couldn’t fail, what would you do? The answers to those questions represent what we love to do in life. Many of us can’t answer them or will not allow ourselves to because they upset our current reality or it’s simply too far from what we’ve conditioned ourselves to mentally accept as possible.

So, let me ask you a much easier question.

If you could develop lasting wealth and huge residual income by helping people achieve financial freedom and success would that be a worthwhile mission to undertake in life?

The reason I’m excited about building a network marketing business is that in the process of achieving my dreams, for me and my family, I will help millions of people all over the world enjoy better quality of life, more happiness and greater wealth. Can you get excited about doing that yourself for you, your family and the world?

When you adopt this way of thinking you will have created a magnetic mindset that will attract the right people to your business and the success you truly desire. Even if you are already financially successful, what better way to contribute than to help others achieve time and money freedom and create wealth? If you’ll supply that fuel (your dream) and maintain your attention and focus on your business continuously, it will take you wherever you desire to go.


Carlos Marin

CARLOS MARIN has built large network marketing organizations throughout North and South America and Western Europe for over 30 years. Over one million people have attended his seminars, and his audio and video programs have sold well over ten million copies.

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