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4 Ways to Succeed in the We-Economy

Contributor: Billee Howard

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Much has been said about the potential upsides and pitfalls of the sharing economy, but little has been offered on how to succeed in our brave and complex new world.

In the We-economy the idea of creating businesses that harness the notion of “we” has never been hotter. By creating innovations that leverage technology and the unique passions and expertise of individuals, new successful businesses are cropping up at a blistering pace with the ability to change daily life.

Here is a list of things top entrepreneurs need to do to thrive:

1) Disrupt. Disrupt. Disrupt.

We are experiencing a momentous time in history where the global economy has pushed the reset button post the 2008 financial meltdown. Never has our appetite for change  been greater. Old ways of doing things no longer work. We are living in a world where everyone has a chance to create and imagine in ways that benefit the collective. If Brian Chesky had not envisioned the outlandish idea of a hotel model that didn’t involve owning a single bed, Airbnb wouldn’t exist!

2) Make storytelling a business competency.

storytellingProducts that have a unique story behind how they are made and by whom, are shaking up the traditional business landscape. Transform products  into a story that immerses consumers in an idea. Key takeaway: Learn the art of storytelling to infuse culture + commerce into your business in ways that are both authentic and accessible.

3) Act local, think global.

act local think globalTechnology has democratized the act of invention and creation. Anyone with a great product idea or service can share that concept with the world with the click of a mouse. However, remembering that local communities both online and offline are the spark for growing any business is critical. Uber or TaskRabbit started in target cities to perfect their offerings before becoming global powerhouses.

4) Find untapped pockets of opportunity that could benefit from sharing.

opportunityBusinesses today are succeeding by assessing the culture we are living in and sourcing unique opportunities to satisfy needs in new ways through the power of sharing and technology. Following the winning formula of passion + the power of “we” is a good path toward success.

Creating for the benefit of the many, through the power and innovation of the “we” is a critical first step in winning entrepreneurship today.


billee-howard-photoBillee Howard is founder of Brandthropologie, a cutting-edge communications consulting firm specializing in helping organizations and individuals produce innovative, creative, and passionate dialogues with target communities. Her upcoming book We-Commerce: How to Create, Collaborate, and Succeed in the Sharing Economy will be out later this fall. 



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