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Alina and Rob’s Top 5 Tips

Rob and Alina Rinato
Image Credit: Alina Rinato

Rob and Alina Rinato were working as massage therapists in Florida, on call 7 days a week and dreaming of a future with financial freedom and a lifestyle that fulfilled their dreams. In 2009 when one of Rob’s massage clients asked him to use her essential oils for the massage, they were intrigued by the potent scent. The client directed them to a local class to learn more, and that was the beginning of their love affair with the product.

Soon they realized, there was more to the company than just the unique product they had come to love, but an opportunity to achieve the future they had always dreamed of.

Today, Rob and Alina Rinato lead a growing organization in an established wellness company they joined almost six years ago. Here are their Top Five Tips for anyone starting their network marketing journey.

Define your why. Your journey will have ups and downs. A burning why will keep you going no matter what. It needs to be something that evokes strong emotion. We encourage our new builders to make a list of things they will be, do, or have when they reach their goals. What will it mean for you and your family to achieve your financial goals?

Educate yourself about the profession. The more you understand and believe in the business model, the more confident you will be when speaking to prospects. A solid understanding of how and why it works will keep you focused on your goals and prevent you from being distracted by naysayers.

Grow yourself. The journey to the top of any pay plan begins with developing your mindset and skills. Invest in books, audios, and live events. Take time to study, practice, and teach. Fifteen percent of your success is due to technical knowledge and 85 percent is due to your attitude and how you respond to the ups and downs of the journey.

Find a partner. This can be an upline leader, downline or crossline team member, family, friend, or spouse. Find someone who will lift you up when you need it, who shares your passion, and has the same spark inside as you do. Having someone to brainstorm, dream, and work with is invaluable for your success, especially early on.

Never give up. Quitting is the most common mistake network marketers make. The ease of entry and the low startup cost leads many people to think it’s no big deal if it doesn’t work out—when in reality, network marketing is the best financial opportunity most people will find in their entire lifetime. To reap the reward, never stop sowing the seed.

To read Rob and Alina’s Rising Star interview in the Sep/Oct 2015 issue of Networking Times, subscribe here.



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  • Scott Moore
    September 11, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    This is a good article. I have been working in the network marketing industry on my own for a long time with minimal success.

    My wife is trying out an essential oils product right now, waiting for it to arrive. She has not been a fan of network marketing. A friend got her interested in the essential oils after she smelled it one day.

    If this ends up being something we can do as a team, it will help us in the long run.



    • Networking Times
      Networking Times
      September 18, 2015 at 2:14 pm

      We hope your wife is able to see the value and potential of this phenomenal profession so that you can build a great business together!

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