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Overcoming Negative Results : Power of the Replacement Tool™


Contributor: Jim Fannin


You replay the negative results in your mind.  It was NOT your best performance.  Over and over and over again, the flash image of your failure re-surfaces. “How could I do that?”  “Why did this happen to me?”  “I can’t believe this!”

Sound familiar?  Have you had thoughts like this?  Do these refrains repeat themselves down the hall in your child’s bedroom after their poor sports showing?

The replay of a negative event, occurrence, or situation can be haunting and prophetic.  Soon you begin to face the upcoming event with dread.  Fear can enter your mind like a thief in the night stealing your optimism with every foreboding thought.  This can cause mental and physical repercussions like apathy, confusion, indecision, pessimism and even diarrhea, nausea, headaches, shortness of breath, cramps, light-headedness, and physically crippling panic.

The negative past can threaten your success. Replayed negativity can arrest your talent and shackle it to the walls of mediocrity.

What do you do when a negative image appears on the screen of space within the confines of your mind?

The Replacement Tool™

Before any event where uncertainty of the outcome resides, gather all mental images representing your success and pleasure.  This could be:

  • You standing with a trophy.
  • You rolling in a great putt.
  • You possessing the corporate title you are seeking.
  • You with the money from your success.
  • Your mentor smiling with encouragement.
  • You relaxing on a beach with no cares at all.
  • You in a mansion on the hill.
  • You enjoying the company of your favorite person.

Think about what you think about. Be aware. If and when the negative image arrives, instantly replace it with what you want as opposed to replaying what you don’t want. This 90-Second Rule™ tool takes less than 90-seconds to deploy.

Like a thread that wraps around a ball of twine, repetitively wrap this positive mental image around any negative that has surfaced.  Eventually the negative will retreat and succumb to the replacement image.

I’ve personally used the Replacement Tool™ for decades. It’s helped me win many tennis matches.  I first used it to win a state title against a foe that had vanquished me too many times to remember. Upon thinking the worst in the most crucial part of my match, I flashed the image of my mentor and positivity instantly arrived.

When 17-year LPGA veteran Martha Nause entered the 1994 du Maurier Classic (then an LPGA Major), everyone in golf gave her no shot at winning. The final round on Sunday found her three shots down with four holes to play and her first negative thought of the week finally surfaced. Swiftly she used the Replacement Tool™ by flashing the image of her holding the trophy. As if by magic, she suddenly found herself with the trophy in hand, a Major title to her credit and $120,000 richer.

The Replacement Tool™ has been brandished in every major sporting event and business crossroad by my clients for 40 years.  It’s hit and pitched on the diamonds of the World Series. It’s run the NBA hardwood. It’s stood on the gridiron of the Super Bowl, walked the fairways of Augusta and sat during changeovers on the Centre Court grass of Wimbledon. It has stood the test of time and it’s even more prevalent today!

Remember:  Preparation is the key.

Get ready with the positive image or images in advance. You will get ambushed.  Many stellar performances are hijacked without warning. With the distraction of a pop-up negative image, even the professionals have had their “A” games kidnapped in broad daylight. Negatives can jump from the dark shadows of the mind and they always seem to surface during the “moments of truth” when you want and possible need to be your best.

The Replacement Tool™ works. Place it in your S.C.O.R.E.® Success System toolbox with your other 90-Second Rule™ tools.

jimfannin0208Jim Fannin is  a best selling author, platform speaker, peak performance and executive coach. His client list features celebrity actors, directors and entertainers, as well as 26 MLB All-Stars, 7 world’s top 10 tennis players, scores of PGA stars, NBA All-Stars, NFL All-Pros and Olympic Gold Medalists.  In addition, Jim has consulted with 350 of the Fortune 500.  Check out his new book 90-Seconds To A Great Relationship. 



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  • Scott Moore
    August 20, 2015 at 2:28 am

    This is an excellent idea. As I read this, I thought about Peyton Manning’s commercial where he is throwing ball after ball to a specific spot in the field with nobody there. He is building plenty of replacement tools for the next game.

    He is training his mind and his reactions to be automatic. He won’t allow his mistakes to beat him in the future, since he is programming himself for success in the next game well before the game.

    I’m sure that if he has any doubts that enter his mind right before the snap, he flashes those practice sessions in his mind, like you describe here. He knows he can put the ball where it needs to go because of programming.

    I also heard a similar phrase, “have a short term memory”. Meaning that you can’t succeed on the next play, the next phone call, with the next prospect, or any other ” next”, if you carry the baggage from a previous “failure” into it.

    That has been the hardest lesson for me to learn. It seems that everything in life is a percentage thing, especially network marketing. We have to learn to go 100% into the “next” action regardless of what happened on the previous action.

    Mental programming and the “replacement tool” are huge.

    Good article.

    Scott Moore

    • Josephine
      August 20, 2015 at 9:37 am

      Thank you for your thoughtful reply. We are happy to hear you like the “replacement tool” as much as we do!

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