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Sarah Robbins’ Secret – Go for the Gold!

Sarah Robbins Networking Times

Contributor: Sarah Robbins

keep calm and go for gold

I’m a formerly shy kindergarten teacher by trade, who was living in one of the more depressed economic areas in the country. I had just moved, just gotten married, just gotten my brand new job as a kindergarten teacher. I was in my twenties and broke—like most of my friends.

I loved teaching, but due to the economy I was facing job insecurity. This caused me to look for extra income, and my search led me to network marketing. From the outside, it may not have appeared we would have a high success rate. I certainly wouldn’t have made someone’s top-ten candidate list. But I was coachable, committed, and I was hungry for change.

Through our persistence and commitment to personal and professional growth we were able to establish a system, and help others get off to a great start. In four short years, by the age of 29, I became my company’s first six-figure monthly income earner, and we’ve mentored many six and seven-figure earners on our team who drive free cars and are enjoying luxury trips to fabulous destinations. Even more fulfilling is pursuing our passion of helping children in need, around the world.

How We Started

When I started my business my only initial desire was to earn an extra $3,000 per month in case I lost my teaching job. My mom and I were the first consultants in the company, so we had no upline leading us.

Having been a product educator formerly for our company we did what we knew how to do—we began selling a lot of product. This was great because I was earning a few hundred to a thousand dollars residual income. I was happy with the results that came from my part-time efforts, and my mom (my upline) loved it because she was making a great residual income from my sales too. We felt like we were on to something—and this business opportunity was our best-kept secret!

I committed to continue selling products… Now, of course, that didn’t last long—we eventually saw the light through reading success stories in Networking Times of leaders earning six- and seven-figure incomes.

How did they do it? They all built a team to leverage their efforts and multiply their income. When I made the shift from selling products, to prospecting for candidates to join my business, I watched my check more than double in a matter of months, and skyrocket from there.

Price of the Promise

What is prospecting? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as looking for gold. Prospecting is the process of talking to people, in the hope that you will find some who are interested in joining you or buying your products. In the process of these conversations, you’ll sift through a lot of people to find a few who will join you. Then, you’ll have a lot of people join you, who will work at varying paces. However, it only takes a few power partners to change your life. That’s your “gold”!

You may have to talk to a lot to find those few—kind of like sifting for gold. If I told you there were four gold bricks in your back yard, would you dig until you found them? Sure you would!

How I Got There

I’m living proof that network marketing works. I’ve been sifting for a long time. I’ve probably talked to thousands of people since I started my business five years ago. I’ve had over a hundred join me. I have about thirty people working this business at a moderate pace. I have nine top leaders, and of those three bring in a good majority of my income. What happened to the rest? Some order product, some occasionally promote, and some decide the timing isn’t right for them. As with any profession, there is power in working through your odds to find leaders and pace-setters.

It takes a lot of sifting until you strike gold!

What are your odds?

Here’s the lesson:

Your success is directly related to the degree in which you are willing to work to find others like yourself who are committed to succeed.

How many NOs are you willing to hear until you strike gold and find three million-dollar leaders like I did? Of course, it would be easier if you knew the odds up front… But here’s the catch: You have your own set of odds and you won’t know what they are until after you’ve succeeded.

So if you haven’t found your power partners yet, you can either give up and assume the business doesn’t work for you… or recognize that you are working through your own numbers. Give your business the time it takes to build big! Be relentless. Don’t quit! Go for the GOLD!

Sarah Robbins Networking TimesSARAH FAIRLESS ROBBINS is a founding distributor and top earner in a young network marketing company. A former educator, Sarah is passionate about teaching others to build successful businesses. She and her husband live in Michigan and are supporting children through a foundation funded by their network marketing business. Sarah is a regular contributor to Networking Times and an esteemed faculty member of Networking University. She is also a board member of ANMP. If you are a Networking Times subscriber, you can read Sarah Robbins’s success story here.




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  • Scott Moore
    August 14, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    You honestly said volumes with this post. I sent a guy who just joined me the link to it, because he is struggling at this point and I want to help him out.

    Excellent post.


    Scott Moore

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