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Why Can’t I Make More Money?

Contributor: Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia

No matter where I travel, the number one issue in life I consistently see is the struggle of money.  Struggle to make more money, struggle to pay the bills, struggle to create a lifestyle that allows a little freedom to travel and have fun.

Why so much struggle with money? We are living in great times despite what the media tells you. There is so much opportunity, so much abundance and network marketing is the leading profession for entrepreneurs who want to help change lives from struggle to prosperity.

I can share with you many stories I have seen firsthand of villages in the emerging markets transformed because of the network marketing business model.

How do we break this cycle of struggle to make more money? Affirmations definitely have worked for me and countless of others I have mentored. Here are some examples:

Money flows to me easily.
Money comes to me from different sources.
I open myself to abundance and wealth.
I receive wealth and abundance every day.

I coach my team to not only state these affirmations, but also write them down and put them all over the place to remind you that you’re manifesting wealth.

Does this simple exercise work for everyone? It depends. Here is why it may not work for you. You think about making money and you wonder why you’re not getting ahead.

make more money

Then negative thoughts come up:

It’s hard to make money.
I can’t see myself doing what my upline/successful leaders have done.
I have to work hard and give up too much…

Then you go back to thinking about manifesting wealth and you work with the affirmations again… but still nothing changes. And it never will. At least not until you change the instructions you’ve planted in your subconscious mind in the form of hard-wired beliefs about money.

As soon as you change those beliefs, you’ll begin to truly manifest wealth.

You’ll attract the right opportunities in your biz to make more money.
You’ll meet the right people who will help you develop your business in an exponential way.

You’ll make the right choices.
You’ll manage your money better.
And you can do that as soon as you change the wealth program in your subconscious mind.

You want to manifest wealth. You should manifest wealth. You keep trying, but when nothing works, it’s a clear sign that you have a number of blocks in your subconscious mind. These blocks prevent you from making and having more.

They need to be removed and replaced with clear paths to manifesting wealth.

You can have as much as you want and even more—if you get rid of the negative thoughts and beliefs that stop you from making more money. Get your subconscious mind to bring you more money and manifest wealth TODAY.

How do you start to remove those blocks?

I have a technique I first learned in Anthony Robbins’s book, Unlimited Power. It is called the 10-day mental diet. The gist of the exercise is to go through 10 consecutive days without focusing on negative thoughts for more than 10 seconds.

If you catch yourself focused on thinking negatively for more than 10 seconds, you need to start all over again. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes you 5 or even 10 tries to get to the 10-day mark. This is typical. Once you reach the mark, you are on your way to greatness, prosperity, and an abundant life.

The point of the exercise is to train your mind to think positively and focus your energies on your DREAM!

Fall in love with your dream. This is critical to the process. Remember when you first fell in love, it did not take any energy to think of your loved one. His or her image was planted in your conscious and subconscious mind. This is when magic happens, when you are truly in LOVE with your DREAM.

You can make the kind of money you want.
You can have more.
You can attract and build more wealth.
You don’t have to struggle.
You don’t have to work hard to make more money.
You don’t have to sacrifice everything…

Believe in yourself and your DREAM and get your subconscious mind to create the wealth you want and deserve. Then coach your team to duplicate this in your organization.

DREAMS do come true. With this awareness, you now can share with the world that anyone can do the same in our incredible network marketing business model.

(Joe is a million-dollar club member in his company and has developed a massive global business with hundreds of thousands of distributors in more than 35 countries. More about him here.)




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