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Strength Comes from Unity: ANMP 2015

ANMP 2015

This week you’ve probably heard a lot about the upcoming International ANMP convention in Dallas next week (May 14-17).

The Association of Network Marketing Professionals is gathering over 50 speakers and 100s of network marketing professionals from all over the globe to share insights, build friendships, and learn from each other in an effort to unify, elevate, and celebrate the network marketing profession.

You may be wondering…

What is the connection between the ANMP and Networking Times?

As the premier print and online publication for network marketing professionals worldwide, Networking Times is the official educational journal for all ANMP members, which is why every card-carrying member receives an online subscription to Networking Times for the duration of their ANMP membership.

Moreover, most speakers at the convention are also Networking University faculty members and many have been regular contributors to Networking Times over the years. Our mission and purpose 100% aligns with how the ANMP President Garrett McGrath defines the ANMP’s goal and reason for being:

The ANMP is the premier organization representing and promoting the entire network marketing profession globally. It aims to be the catalyst and driver of many programs that can revolutionize the financial futures of millions of people worldwide. We embody the social entrepreneurship inherent in the network marketing business model, and its positive impact and endless ripple effect around the world.”


Chris Josephine GrossAs the Executive Director (Chris Gross) and board member (Dr. Josephine Gross) of the ANMP, we look forward to welcoming you in Dallas next week!

P.S. Need a ticket? There is still time, visit now!



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