Get Leads, Get Fans, Get Paid: How to Market Your Business on Facebook

by Michelle and Bill Pescosolido

In this article I am going to introduce you to the 7 key components to building your business online using Facebook.

1. Your Facebook Fan Page - This should consist of a recognizable brand that your business uses across all social media channels for easy recognition. The Facebook Fan Page should consist of a cover photo, profile image, "about me" section with keywords, and utilization of the application tabs for your offers.

2. Offers - Your offer should be an irresistible offer—one that your audience will be inclined to exchange their name, email, and phone number for. Studies have shown that if you want to build a list of subscribers you can turn into buyers, then consider creating a free offer such as a free video, free webinar, or a free report delivering valuable information geared towards your niche.

3. Follow Up Email Series - Once your offer has converted to a subscriber, you should create a series of emails delivering valuable content. Depending on your niche, consider offering free tips, free strategies, how-to articles, how-to videos, etc., and always end the value with a strong call to action back to your offer.

4. Fans - What's a Facebook Fan Page without fans? Fans are the lifeblood of your Facebook Fan page and your goal should be to build a relationship with those fans not to sell them initially. The relationship you build with your fans will lead to your fans trusting you, your business, your advice, and your offers, which ultimately lead to more sales in your business.

5. Engage Your Fans - Without engagement your fans will be bored and likely not even see any of your status updates in their news feed due to EdgeRank, an algorithm Facebook uses to decide whether your fans see your status updates in their news feed or not. Therefore, if you want your fans to see your updates you must have an engaging page consisting of valuable content and not a page full of pitching your opportunity and/or products.

6. Guide Fans to Your Offer - Fans are great to have, but you also want them to buy. This is why as I mentioned earlier having an offer on your Facebook Fan Page is key to converting your fans to buying customers. Creating your offer can easily be done on what Facebook calls your Fan Page application tabs which are to the right of your profile picture. Consider from time to time redirecting your fans back to your offers. A good rule of thumb is to provide 90% value on your page through your status updates and 10% posts where you direct your fans to those offers.

7. Daily Action Plan - Consistency is key when it comes to building a successful brand and/or business online using Facebook. I want to encourage you to write down your daily action plan and implement each day. This should consist of several Facebook posts a day, engaging with your Facebook fans, engaging with other Facebook Fan Pages within your niche, Facebook advertising and always remembering to lead with value if you want to become a successful brand online that knows how to leverage the power of Facebook.

If you enjoyed this brief training, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar where we will be sharing in more detail the 7 simple strategies and our top Facebook marketing strategies on how you can get leads, get fans and get paid by marketing your business online using Facebook.

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