The Power of Self-Talk

by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

(Excerpted from What to Say When You Talk to Your Self)

If you had to pick one thing that would guarantee your success in network marketing, what would it be? Some people would point to products, pricing, promotions, support, or a super-active network. All important, but not the most important.

The most important part of your network marketing success starts with, and ends with, what goes on in your head. You can have the best product or service in the world, with the best marketing program, but if your mind is off, so is your business.

Everyone in the business knows that his or her attitude is important, but just how important is easily underestimated. We think that if we get up on the right side of the bed, have a somewhat optimistic outlook, and greet each day with a reasonably positive attitude, we should be ahead of the game. But behavioral researchers have learned that it takes more than that. In fact, there is one key facet of the mind that literally determines your success (or failure) for you, in advance.

That key facet of the brain that has almost total control over your success, is your programming. The programs you got growing up, and the programs you continue to feed yourself now, with your own self-talk, have complete sway over your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitude, your actions, and your results. Good programs always lead you toward successes; bad or negative programs always lead you toward struggles and disappointment.

We now know that your programming, working for you or against you, is not a motivational theory, it is a neurological fact. Every message you get, every input you receive, is wired into neural pathways in your brain, and those pathways end up determining what you're going to do today, and how well you'll do it.

If your past programming or negative self-talk builds an attitude of disbelief, you will not just fight a lack of motivation. That disbelief, or doubt, or lack of confidence actually becomes hardwired in your mental computer. What we say when we talk to ourselves is literally recorded in the brain. And when those programs, through repetition, become strong enough, the brain has no choice but to follow them, and act on them, as though they're true.

That's why for twenty years you can say to yourself that you can't remember names, and then meet someone new and 7 seconds later you've forgotten the name. You programmed yourself—wired your brain—through negative self-talk, not to remember. That's also why you can see yourself as less than exceptional, and unconsciously believe it, and then find that you're struggling to get by. And that is also why you feel, think, believe, and act as you do, moment by moment, day after day.

The other side of this picture is more positive, and leads us to a simple, but remarkable solution. Through breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience we have learned that, given the right programs, (instead of the wrong ones) repeated often enough, the brain will just as easily rewire itself to create up attitudes, strong self-confidence, positive actions, and rewarding results.

Why is this so important to network marketers? Because network marketing is almost entirely a "business of the mind." People who stay with it and succeed, do so because they nurture a winning attitude, a high level of confidence, and a mental focus that consistently puts them into action. All this is determined by your programs. And your programs are created by your self-talk.

During the forty years that I've studied and written about personal growth and success in network marketing, there have been major scientific breakthroughs that have shown us how the mind gets programmed, and how to make sure our own programs always set us up for health and success. It's clear that, through our own self-talk—what we think, and what we say when we talk to ourselves—we have far more control over our success than we might ever have thought.

And perhaps the most exciting breakthrough of all is that we've learned how to change our self-talk, rewire ourselves for success instead of failure, create new programs, and begin reaching the networking goals we had only dreamed of.

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