Why I Wrote Plan C

by Glenn Head

(From the Foreword of Plan C: A Proven Plan to Financial Freedom.)

Description:  Plan C: A Proven Path to Financial Freedom - E-Book

In 1995 when my wife Marian began her network marketing business I initially said, "No way am I doing this!" It wasn't long before I saw network marketing as the most brilliant business strategy to build personal economic security.

I owe that transformation to Marian who saw right away how she could apply this model to create long-term sustainable income by helping others. Years later, I finally joined her.

Did it challenge me? Sure. Changing my mental model of work and the way I had always done things required a lot of deep breathing and head shaking. I look back and am amazed at how much I changed and continue to change.

Was it worth it? I look around today at those struggling to find a job and say, "Absolutely." Was it easy? "No!" I had to face the thought that friends and family might look at me and exclaim, "You are doing one of those things!" Well, I did do it, and when you learn about the potential for financial freedom you may decide to do it, too!

After working in our business about six years I attended my first generic training event, and so began my journey of meeting and working with people from many different network marketing companies.

I discovered an amazing community of loving, caring people who were making a difference in our world. I also learned that not all network marketing companies prepare their new distributors for success.

In 2003, with Dr. Josephine and Chris Gross, I cofounded Networking University to fill the gap and provide professional training in three areas needed for success: personal development, professional development, and business development. We now have a place for all who choose this profession to affordably supplement their company's training programs and learn the skills necessary for success.

We're all doing the best we can to earn a living and make a difference for our families and the world. How's that working for you? Do you wish you could increase your income and make a greater difference in the world?

Marian and I created our own jobs in the network marketing profession and we are glad we did. We are living the life we had dreamed of, with winters on the beach in Hawaii, and summers in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. We have the freedom to travel to visit family, friends, and business associates around the world.

Thanks for taking a moment to read about our journey and learn the facts about what could become yourPlan C. I have written this book in e-book format so you can easily share it with others.

Pick up a copy and start using it to help others understand the freedom this profession offers and decide for themselves whether or not this path is right for them.

Remember, education changes everything.

Description:  Plan C: A Proven Path to Financial Freedom - E-Book

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