Three Secrets for Recruiting with Pinterest

by Doug Firebaugh

Are you using the new social networking site Pinterest for sponsoring and recruiting in your network marketing business? How would you even know how to do that, if you have never used Pinterest for your home based business? Would you like to know three little secrets to help you in your efforts?

Here is an astonishing fact: Many distributors and consultants are still not on Pinterest and most who are have no clue on how to recruit or sponsor using this amazing social media site.

I have done some research on Pinterest and the home business profession and found that 65 percent of the people we polled had never even thought of recruiting with Pinterest. That was shocking. Because unless you are living in a cave, you know that Pinterest is being talked about ALL OVER the web and social media sites.

There are three very powerful secrets to recruiting with Pinterest that most people miss. If you can connect and embrace these three secrets for mlm recruiting, you will find that you can build your home business much more quickly with prospects you meet on Pinterest.

Here are the three secrets to recruiting with Pinterest that will help rock your network marketing business:

1. The Secret of Emotion

What drives Pinterest? Eye Candy. Pretty pictures. Drop-dead gorgeous images. Pithy quotes.

The images on Pinterest pull eyeballs-to say the least. This can work in your favor in your niche.

If you can search for images on Pinterest and find those images in your niche, and then start commenting on the images with emotion as well as put up images yourself that will get folks emotional, you can connect with them and start a conversation.

People who spend time on Pinterest are highly emotional, so you can play into that fact. Get them emotional about losing weight, looking younger, staying fit, traveling, or whatever your product or service is about. Emotion will move them towards wanting to know you.

2. The Secret of Women Looking

Eighty percent of Pinterest users are women, and most are running six-figure households. They are looking at the images and loving the site. What does your product do that will help their family, their life, their physical appearance, their future, their social life, their destiny?

If you know women are looking, then get in front of their eyeballs.

Get their attention and give them a reason to pay attention. Do not try to sell them; instead educate them or make them dream about one small possibility with an image. Show them an image of what their life could be like. Show them an image of what they could look like by connecting with you. A picture is worth a thousand words; on Pinterest, it can be worth a million.

3. The Secret of Videos

Did you know you can pin videos on Pinterest? Most people do not. If you have an interesting video with skincare tips or weight loss tips, Pinterest users will be all over it. Just make sure that you put the right keywords in the description so it will attract eyeballs to look at your video. Give a freebie away at the end and ask them to follow you. They will, as we have proven over and over.

These are three powerful Pinterest secrets for recruiting. Do not be afraid to get started with this new social media site for prospecting and recruiting. There are so many ways to do that now, and it is only going to get better and bigger!

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