Discovering Your Network Marketing Blueprint

by Kody Bateman

The idea of an MLM Blueprint™ took form in my mind a few years ago, during a coaching call with one of my network marketing company's distributors. This distributor's success had plateaued, causing him anxiety and frustration and leaving him with the feeling of wanting to abandon his network marketing business.

Through a series of questions, I was able to help him discover his block, and in the process, uncover the framework for a study, which became my new book, MLM Blueprint™, and the accompanying MLM Blueprint Workshop™.

Our profession is referred to as "network marketing" or "MLM," and they're often interchangeable. I purposely chose to title my new book MLM Blueprint because so many people assign negativity to references to MLM.

I also understand the same people who automatically frame MLM opportunities in a negative mindset also come from a world of cynics, and they are exposed to negativity about 90% of the time.

The cynical people in this negative world think that MLM is a business where someone tries to recruit you so they can make money from your efforts. The fact is, MLM is a business where someone recruits you to help you elevate to a better and more positive way of life.

I am one of the people who absolutely love network marketing. One of the reasons I love network marketing is because it delivers personal development at its very best. It creates an environment where an individual can step out of their world of negativity and be around like-minded positive people.

It also provides financial opportunities to the masses with the built-in support of people, referred to as an upline, who have a vested interest in that individual's success. MLM is a profession where people join with a slight ray of hope in their eyes—a hope for a better future. The slight ray of hope is a tremendous responsibility to a network marketing company and to any distributor who is building a team.

I devoted the past few years to studying the MLM Blueprint concept to help others recognize the negative imprints they may be unconsciously allowing to imprint on their subconscious. It's possible to replace those with positive imprints, creating a foundation to help create a blueprint for MLM success.

These plans for positive change begin with a knowledge and awareness of where you are with your current MLM blueprint. You'll need to discover what type of imprints have been placed in your subconscious over time, and see if they are truly in line with your desires.

Does your language match your desires? Do you say "I am living the life of my dreams," and then instantly contradict yourself by saying, "I can't afford that?" Everything you manifest in your life comes from the subconscious mind.

I've developed a full day course that will help you dig deep and take every exposure you can think of, and create awareness of the type of imprints that have been placed on your subconscious over time.

Then, we see if those imprints are in alignment with your desires. I've done this with audience after audience, some filled with network marketing professionals from all over the globe, and the result is always the same:

Even successful network marketing professionals who earn five- and six-figure incomes are amazed that they STILL have negative impressions about MLM in their minds, placed there by something from their past.

Often it's hidden; often it's unknown until we dig deep. It's a powerful, freeing exercise, and once undertaken with true commitment, will help you build a strong, long-lasting MLM career. Join my upcoming webinar to learn more.

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