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Five Steps to Positive Change

Contributor: Eric Worre

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One of the things I love most about network marketing is the potential for personal growth and positive change. For me, this came from personal development. When I first began my career, I was hooked on this concept of personal development because of the immediate results I got from constantly listening to personal development audios from my mentors Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Dennis Waitley, Les Brown, and many others.

It helped build my confidence, encouraged me, and it increased my vocabulary. Once I internalized the importance of language, I was able to share the positive principles of my mentors with my prospects or my team; almost immediately, I saw better results.

In a traditional nine-to-five job, you may not see immediate results from personal development. It can often take a very long time (if ever) before you get a raise because you took the time to improve yourself. But in network marketing, you often get immediate positive results. This can be in the form of more customers or distributors, or possibly more productivity and action.

As I was thinking more about this, I came up with five steps that will help you navigate positive change in your life, your business, and your skills. Following these steps will help take you from a place of frustration to a place of confidence and boldness, and will help you build higher self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth. You only get to make what you are. So if you become more as a person, and become more as a leader, you get to earn more.

Step 1 – Awareness

Albert Einstein once gave a brilliant definition that’s become a popular quote: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” To become aware, you need to take a look at where the stumbling blocks are for you, in your life and your business. What things do you struggle with over and over again? What are the triggers that cause you to procrastinate? What causes you to pull back when you should be taking action?

To become aware, u need to look at where the stumbling blocks are in your life and ur business. Click To Tweet

Step 2 – Understanding

Do you understand the triggers that cause you to pull back in your business? When I first began in network marketing, I got rejected—a lot! Every rejection caused me to pull back and actually apologize for the opportunity. Without even realizing what caused it, I changed my posture and procrastinated building my business. When I finally understood what was causing me to pull back, that’s when things started to change in a good way in my business. You have to understand how you’re wired, how you internalize the feedback you’re getting from the outside world, and how it affects your business-building efforts.

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Step 3 – Disassociation

This step is hard for most people, but it’s crucial to your success. If there are things, people, circumstances, or environments in your life that cause negativity and bad habits, you need to disassociate from them. Take a hard look, with awareness and understanding, at how you’re building your business, and who you allow into your circle. You’ll find the best results if you disassociate with bad habits and triggers that cause you to lose action and disassociate with the people who drag you down. Get rid of any negative influences in your life, and the things that steal your time.

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Step 4 – Recondition Your Mind

You will see huge benefit from reconditioning your mind around a new habit, a new way to respond to difficulty. How do you do this? By feeding your mind with good ideas regularly. If you’re constantly dealing with putting things off, reconditioning can start with reading some books about procrastination. If you surround yourself with people who don’t procrastinate, who take action, that will also help you recondition your mind. It also will help you keep yourself in an environment that gives you the most chance for success.

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Step 5 – Immersion

The overarching theme to making positive change is to immerse yourself in change, growth, development, ability, skill, mindset, and posture. As soon as I surrounded myself with people of good influence, spent time in good environments, and invested in good learning regularly, things changed for me. And the learning aspect had the biggest impact. I didn’t just focus on it here and there—I thought about it all the time, read about it all the time, watched countless videos, and listened to audio programs constantly. I sought out people who were pushing me in a positive direction.

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Immersion will help you create new habits. If you can, get into a new environment today, one where every day you’re learning, growing, and surrounded by people who are moving in the same direction you want to move in.

Every person involved in network marketing can be successful, improve, and get better. You have it within you to grow and change and develop your skills. It’s one of the powerful things about our profession. You have the opportunity to help not only your family, but hundreds—maybe thousands or tens of thousands—of people around the world, because you made a decision to get better.

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And don’t ever let anyone distract you from the truth, the fact that you’re spectacular. The world hasn’t seen the best that you have in you yet. You have to raise your awareness, increase your understanding, disassociate from negative influences, recondition your mind, and immerse yourself in an environment of change, growth, improvement, and good ideas. If you’ll do those things, network marketing success is yours.

Don’t ever let anyone distract you from the truth; the fact that you’re spectacular. Click To Tweet

You’ll often hear people say, “The key is not to quit.” That’s true, but that’s just a piece of it. If you’ll not quit and get better every single day, take action, face your fears, and embrace the change that is within you, you can go all the way to the top.

Eric WorreEric Worre is the founder of, a training site with a community of over 300,000 visitors in 137 countries around the world. Eric´s annual Recruiting Mastery event has become the largest generic training event in network marketing history. Eric´s #1 Amazon bestseller book Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional has sold over 1 million copies so far. 



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