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Nigeria Embraces Network Marketing

Contributor: Gene Maxon Adigu

Network marketing is helping a lot of Africans achieve great things in life. Thanks to the leadership development it provides, our profession has reshaped our minds and taught us how to grow a profitable business in any niche. It also has brought together people from diverse backgrounds to work collectively as a team towards a common goal.

Network marketing in Nigeria
Nigerians are increasingly attracted to Network Marketing

In Nigeria, we have many fresh college graduates, employed professionals, and retirees enrolling into this business and generating good results. Network marketing is assisting our national economy, as people are engaging in entrepreneurship rather than waiting for employment opportunities that are hard to come by. Network marketing is the only option for most Africans to achieve their dreams without investing a lot of money to start a business.

With the rise of e-commerce platforms in our part of the world, it has become easier to build a network marketing business online. Back in the day, people would go to the company’s local office/store to conduct meetings, sign up prospects, and buy products. Thanks to improved internet access, we can now do all this from the comfort of our homes, which has increased the number of network marketing success stories here.

Nigeria is home to some of the most successful networkers in Africa. Accomplished professionals such as politicians, medical doctors, lawyers, and engineers are attracted to this business. Business is booming here right now, and that’s why top leaders are starting to organize generic trainings, so network marketing professionals can learn from experts outside of their company and cross-pollinate ideas for building a successful business.

Networking Times Partnered with Nigeria's 1st generic Network Marketing event
Networking Times partnered with Nigeria’s 1st generic Network Marketing event

A few months ago I helped organize the very first generic event on African soil to create awareness and educate people about the business. The event was an eye-opener for many of the attendees. Some knew only how to recruit, but had no idea how to train their people and provide leadership. Without developing leadership skills and learning how to structure an organization, networkers are doomed to fail, especially if they don’t have a good duplication strategy.

Gene Adigu presenting at the event

This event was transformational, as leaders from different companies generously shared their ideas and success strategy. It was a paid event and for the first time, I saw my people willing to invest in themselves to acquire the knowledge needed to grow their business.

The author with Eric Worre.
Gene Adigu with his mentor Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Nigerians are embracing this profession more than ever. Many top companies are coming down here to expand their markets, because they are finding determined and committed business builders here. We hope top MLM trainers like Eric Worre will visit our country to organize big generic events just like in the US. With the help and support of local network marketing leaders, it will change the face of the profession here in Nigeria, which will ripple out into all of Africa. Together we can make the world a better place, each starting in our home!

TOC_Gene_AdiguGene Maxon Adigu is a young Nigerian network marketing leader who is passionate about promoting the business model and profession across Africa. Gene and his wife Didi live in Warri city, one of the major petroleum and business hubs in southern Nigeria. Networking Times featured Gene as a Master Networker in our Sep/Oct 2015 issue.



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  • Sulaiman Dave Bola-Babs
    November 29, 2015 at 7:10 am

    Thank God for MLM! Gene Adigu is right. Network Marketing is having the best of times in Nigeria right now and visionary Nigerians are reaping its limitless benefits of Financial And Time [FAT] Freedom & Fun (FFF).
    The legendary Eric Worre’s visit to Nigeria is long overdue. A lot of great Nigerian networkers who are benefitting immensely from his “Go Pro” masterpiece and videos daily are dying to meet and interact with him live and direct!

  • Ahimbisibwe moses
    December 4, 2015 at 3:53 am

    This is all Africans need to transform ,i believe in RYTHM ie Raise Your Self TO Help Man kind.
    Moses from Uganda

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