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January 2017 Issue
Offering a Gift
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Born and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Laurenda Eddy is a budding leader in a U.S.-based cosmetics company that's expanding internationally. Before network marketing, Laurenda was a shy and anxiety-ridden young girl. Today she is becoming a confident business woman who is passionate about helping others grow their self-esteem, stand in their power, and achieve greater freedom.

June 2016 Issue
Dreams Are Within Reach
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Based in New York state and Western Colorado, Chris Kinney is a young Baby Boomer and home-based entrepreneur who recently relaunched his network marketing business after taking a break for several years. Unfamiliar with using social media as a business-building strategy, he quickly learned the ropes through “reverse mentoring” with his Millennial upline leaders and made Diamond faster than he ever imagined was possible.

May 2016 Issue
Offer a Solution
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Based outside Toronto, Canada, Melissa Barlock is raising her two young children while building a global business. After a health challenge put an end to her corporate career, she became a stay-at-home mom but felt incomplete. Looking to contribute beyond her family, she found the perfect vehicle in network marketing.

May 2016 Issue
Faith Trumps Fear
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Ellen Marrs is a homeschool mom, network marketing trainer, published author, and marathon runner who inspires people to pursue their dreams. Despite a difficult childhood, Ellen has a thriving business and a “life of dreams come true.” She lives in Arizona with her husband Rick and their seven young children.

May 2016 Issue
A Life-Changing Opportunity
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Ana Cantera is a Millennial mom who leads a global network marketing organization from her home in the Dominican Republic. She has been building her business full time since 2011 and joined her current company in May 2015. Ana and her team want to help 1,000 families achieve financial freedom.

May 2016 Issue
Thoughts Become Things
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Heather Baker had worked in the publishing, marketing, and advertising world for almost 15 years when she realized building someone else’s business was not going to fulfill her dreams. She missed spending time with her family and knew there had to be a better way, which she found in 2015.

May 2016 Issue
1,000 Mommy Millionaires
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Kemisola Ajetunmobi is a highly educated young mother of two who is making a name for herself on social media by empowering other moms around the world to build successful businesses. Nigeria’s top earner in her network marketing company, Kemisola wants to help 1,000 moms to become millionaires from home.

May 2016 Issue
Finding Freedom
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Leisa Cutler moved from Canada to Texas to follow her husband and start a family. She joined a skincare company in 2013 while being a full-time nurse. Within six month she built an income that gave her the freedom to quit her job and stay home with her four children. Her passion today is helping other women create that freedom.

May 2016 Issue
Grow Your Mind
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ricardo Jimenez immigrated to the U.S. in 2000 to start a new life. After struggling with addiction, Ricardo had some run-ins with the law due to drug-related infractions. He knew he had to change if he wanted to live his purpose and be a good role model for his children. When he found network marketing, he saw it as a vehicle to turn his life around.

April 2016 Issue
Learn as You Go
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Tanya O’Matta was born in a small town in Texas as the only child of ambitious, hardworking Hispanic parents. They always encouraged her to work hard and dream big, but she was too shy to act on her dreams and goals. Finding network marketing helped her connect with her inner power. Once she found her company, she reached its top rank in less than a year. Today Tanya leads a thriving international organization spanning four continents.

March 2016 Issue
Sister Power
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Adrianna and Jennipher are each building an international network marketing business from their homes in Pennsylvania. Both stay-at-home moms wanted to find a way to contribute financially so their husbands wouldn’t need to work as much. Adrianna got started first, then enticed her sister Jennipher to join. A year later, both reached the top level in their company. Today they are committed to helping other women, especially young moms, to succeed in an opportunity that completely changed their lives.

March 2016 Issue
Don't Ever Give Up!
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Angela Maresca is a top earner in a billion-dollar network marketing company she joined in 2013. Initially looking to lose weight, she shared her product story with others and quickly built a six-figure income. A year into the business, Angela achieved a top leadership rank in her company and spoke in front of 4,000 people. Angela attributes her meteoric rise to success to her immigrant work ethic, her love of helping people, and the “golden opportunity” her company offers.

February 2016 Issue
Be True to Yourself
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Before network marketing, Kanesha Morrison was a stay-at-home mom who had tried her hand at little startups without much success. Since age 16 she knew she was an entrepreneur at heart. When she came across a “Work from Home” ad on Craigslist, she was intrigued and started dabbling in network marketing. With lots of patience and encouragement she assembled a small team using Facebook and local networking. Today she has reached an advanced rank in her company and is well on her way to the top.

January 2016 Issue
Pursue Your Purpose
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Hayley Hobson was an entertainment lawyer who made the bold move to pursue her passion—health and wellness. She managed several fitness studios in Boulder, Colorado, and built a thriving Pilates and yoga business. In 2011 Hayley added essential oils to her offerings and broke company records by achieving Double Blue Diamond status in a little over two years.

June 2015 Issue
Journey to Freedom
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Nathan and Jennifer France lead a growing network marketing organization of 12,000 people from their home in Minnesota. High school sweethearts, they had been married for 18 years when they came across their current company in 2012. Jenn was working in the pharmaceutical industry and Nate was running his construction and real estate companies. With three teenage children, they were doing well financially, but family time was scarce and life was stressful.
partners they became the fastest business builders to reach the rank of Diamond.

June 2015 Issue
Dreams Come True!
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Brian and Danielle Morgan are a young network marketing couple that’s leading a growing team of several thousand customers and associates from their home in Saint Paul, MN. Ever since they met, the Morgans’ dream has been to build a business so successful it would allow them both to be stay-at-home parents. Brian and Dani had their first child in April 2015 and have spent every single day with him.

May 2015 Issue
It's Not How Much You Make...
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Joseph McDermott is a dynamic leader who by age 21 had built a significant network marketing income. In 2011 Joey met Amani Zein and was instantly drawn to her magnetic personality and exuberant nature. Joey and Amani joined hearts and forces, and after two “false starts” found their home with their current company. With their business partners they became the fastest business builders to reach the rank of Diamond.

May 2015 Issue
Sowing Seeds of Freedom
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Based in Florida, Rob and Alina Rinato lead a growing organization in an established wellness company they joined almost six years ago. Both were working long hours as massage therapists on call seven days a week. Whenever they would think about the future, Alina and Rob would realize that if they wanted a house, children, and vacations—the so-called American Dream—something needed to change.

March 2015 Issue
You Deserve It!
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Based in Ontario, Canada, Tara Cooper is a young mother of three and one of the top income earners in her company. When Tara joined her company in 2009, she was a stay-at-home mom with a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old. She was also a struggling part-time elementary school teacher, until a friend introduced her to a home business opportunity.

January 2015 Issue
Treat People Right
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Kim Moehring is fulfilling her lifelong dream of building a business from home with her husband and adult children. She joined her current network marketing company in 2011 while working full time as a dental assistant. She had tried building a team with a nutritional company before, but gave up after six months. What made the difference the second time was a simple system, loving and caring mentors, and understanding the need to make a few short-time sacrifices to create long-term success.

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