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January 2019 Issue
Elevate Your Happiness
by Garrett and Sylvia McGrath
We are all far more powerful than we believe. Don't let the fire consume you. Become that magnificent phoenix rising from the ashes!

January 2018 Issue
Evolve and Prosper!
by Garrett and Sylvia McGrath
Those who win big in business don't complain about trends or progress; they embrace it and look for ways to capitalize on it.

April 2017 Issue
The Experience of Community
by Dr. Sven Goebel
People everywhere are looking for communities where they feel validated and empowered to achieve their dreams.

March 2017 Issue
The Importance of Customers
by Garrett McGrath
What would happen if everyone on your team added three new customers every month? How much growth would you see? You, your team, your company, the regulators—everyone would be happy!

February 2017 Issue
The Bigger Secret
by Dr. Josephine Gross
We still put pictures on our vision boards, but we have learned not to become attached to them, because we are clear on what we truly want.

January 2017 Issue
To Love Is to Grow
by Dr. Josephine Gross
When going about your business, actively seek joyful, loving, and fulfilling experiences that stimulate growth and help you stay connected to your highest vision for yourself and your team. May 2017 be your best year yet!

June 2016 Issue
The Golden Circle
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Network marketing gives people a way to live their purpose. When we tie our business to our purpose, we become unstoppable—in an attractive way.

May 2016 Issue
Inspire Us!
by Ashley Aliprandi
To attract Millennials into your business, share success stories, show them an easy win, set the right expectation, and offer a platform to make an impact.

April 2016 Issue
Focus on Responsibility
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Technology gives us incredible tools—and unprecedented power to influence the world. How are we using this power and these tools?

March 2016 Issue
Words and Music
by John Milton Fogg
Feeling awareness is where the power is—over mood, meaning, motivation, and all else

February 2016 Issue
Agreement or Alignment?
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Leaders are responsible for setting and articulating an intent around which people can align, but how to actualize that intent is better left up to each person’s unique strengths and creativity.

January 2016 Issue
Ready for Some Tough love?
by Susan Sly
To become an effective coach, first be highly coachable yourself. Pursue knowledge and leave your ego at the door. The best coaches are students first and teachers second.

June 2015 Issue
Creating an Abundant Life
by Garrett and Sylvia McGrath
In network marekting, the more you give and serve, the more you earn. We are grateful for a business that has abundance baked into the pie.

May 2015 Issue
The Story of Mentor
by Dr. Josephine Gross
Through their deeds and words, mentors help us actualize our potential and reclaim our birthright to be, do, and have anything we want in life.

April 2015 Issue
Embracing Change
by Susan Sly
For network marketing professionals, social media marketing is our new daily method of operation.

March 2015 Issue
Flex Those Muscles
by Susan Sly
Much like getting that physical workout in, flexing our financial muscles, as painful as that may sometimes be, is imperative for financial health.

February 2015 Issue
Be Better
by Susan Sly
"As long as you have skills, you will never be without a job." This message I receive from my dad is what would eventually lead me to a career in network marketing.

January 2015 Issue
by Garrett and Sylvia McGrath
Everything rises and falls with leadership, and our profession is at the forefront of a “leader-shift” where we lead by serving others.

June 2014 Issue
Trick or Teach
by Dr. Josephine Gross
If you understand the importance of teaching and how it relates to duplication and residual income, you will love this issue.

May 2014 Issue
The Last Mile
by Chris Brogan
Rejoice in the fact that the sharing economy is opening up a whole new level of connections for you to help in your own special way.

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