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April 2017 Issue
Nigeria: Network Marketing Is Here to Stay
by Dr. Josephine Gross
A federal republic in West Africa with 188 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. According to Google Trends, Nigeria is the country where the most searches for "network marketing" take place. David Olowe is a cofounder, master distributor, and corporate trainer for a one-year-old network marketing company based in Lagos.

June 2014 Issue
China: Mainland and Overseas
by Shawn Gray
The most populous nation inthe world has already shown a large influence on direct selling and representsamazing opportunities for growth.

March 2014 Issue
South Africa: Gateway to the African Continent
by Richard Clarke
High unemployment, a thirsty entrepreneurial spirit, and favorable legislation make South Africa a fertile foundation for direct selling.

January 2014 Issue
Brazil: Land of Opportunity
by Dennis B. Tenney and J. Clovis Lemes
Brazil is the third largest direct selling market in the world, with its top two companies selling several hundred million dollars of products each year.

June 2013 Issue
Italy: La Dolce Vita for Direct Selling?
by Alessandro Ghidini
Direct selling was introduced in Italy in the late fifties and has enjoyed excellent acceptance by both business builders and consumers.

May 2013 Issue
United Kingdom
by Lynda Mills
Direct selling is the UKs largest provider of part-time independent earning with over 400,000 direct sellers involved.

April 2013 Issue
Russia: The Largest Territory in the World
by Jeremy Cosnefroy
The relative stability of its currency and the rising purchasing power of its population make Russia a prime market for direct selling.

January 2013 Issue
India: The Tiger Is Roaring
by Chris Bolsover
Both a goldmine and a minefield, India is the place to be for big growth and a bright future.

June 2012 Issue
Turkey: A Wide Open and Promising Market
by Hakki Ozmorali
The youngest member of network marketing's billion-dollar club, Turkey is an ideal market to consider for your next international expansion.

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