Based in Florida, Lori Windham is a single mom and successful entrepreneur who is in love with helping other people succeed. Just a few years ago, Lori’s life was ruled by the typical challenges and overhead of traditional business. Everything changed when she joined her direct selling company one year ago. Today she has time to breathe and develop herself, as well as empower others in their pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness.—J.G.

Where were you before you got into this business?
Since 2005 I had owned a real estate and restaurant business, both of which consumed my days and nights. I had very little time freedom, until I found network marketing about six years ago. I knew about it for many years but never really believed it was an actual opportunity that could provide me with what I was looking for. Boy was I wrong! Once I got started, I got it into my blood and I became addicted to it. I knew that if others could make a substantial residual income in network marketing, I could do the same.