Based in Atlanta, Toney Freeman has been a top-ranked IFBB professional bodybuilder since 2002. With over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Toney has been very successful as a personal trainer, coach, and competitor. He was first introduced to network marketing in 1996 and for two decades he experienced the typical ups and downs of building a business.

After an injury in early 2016, Toney was faced with the decision whether to continue with competitive bodybuilding or retire from the sport at the early age of 50. Timing was perfect for him to shift his focus and invest in a new direct selling business. Once he realized he had found the right company with the perfect product, he and his wife Kelly started building a community of happy customers. Many have joined Toney as marketing affiliates as he is leading one of the fastest growing teams in the company.—J. G.

Tell us a little about your background.
I started bodybuilding in 1989 and won the Junior Nationals in 1993. I went on to win the super heavyweight and overall champion title of the NPC Nationals in 2002, which propelled me into the professional ranks.  With the loving support of my wife Kelly, I continued to advance my career and competed in over 70 pro shows, including seven professional wins, Top 5 placings in Mr. Olympia and Top 3 in the Arnold Classic. Being amongst the elite group of fitness individuals for many years was an incredible experience. Being an ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding allowed me to travel the world, meet many wonderful people, and build powerful relationships. The experiences I have had and the knowledge I gained has prepared me well for the next chapter in my life.