Brittany and Joseph Beck live in Arab, a small town in North Alabama. Before finding network marketing, Brittany was an 8th-grade science teacher and Joseph worked in IT. Shackled by limited income, they had accumulated a lot of credit card debt, to the point where they were considering bankruptcy. Thankfully, learning about network marketing gave them hope. They saw a platform to get paid based on their hard work. Thinking they had found the answer to their prayers, the Becks dove all in and 6 months after joining their first company, they were debt-free. To date, they have achieved the top rank in their current company, building a multi-million-dollar business in less than a year. They are now, both full-time network marketers with solid plans and lofty dreams. —J. G.

Who introduced you to network marketing?
Joseph: We really got our feet wet in February 2017. We found some products that intrigued us and we knew we could share them with others to earn a little extra income. A few months after joining our first company, we began hearing about this happy coffee through the grapevine. We knew Maria Giambrone had left our company for this new company, so we reached out to ask her for a sample. We tried it and fell in love. We knew right away that we were looking at a game changer—a product that is affordable, gives instant gratification, and is something people are already familiar with!