Mark and Judy were not looking to build another business—as they are in the fifties—when they were introduced to their direct selling company. As soon as they tried the product, they wanted to share it with others. “We loved the concept of elevating lives in the areas of health, wealth, and, most importantly, happiness. How fitting was it that we could share Shawn Achor’s findings and programs on happiness, while at the same time offering products that actually helped us release happiness hormones!” The business opportunity has helped Mark and Judy create an income beyond their wildest dreams in less than six months, but they say the biggest gift is the family of business partners they have joined.—J. G.

Where were you before you got into this business?
We were introduced to network marketing 24 years ago at a time when we were self-employed in the retail and wholesale furniture industry. While we had a very comfortable income, we lacked the time to really enjoy it. We joined a direct selling company and learned about the power of leverage. We believe it’s the perfect way to share and deliver a product to the end consumer, and with the technology we have today it has the potential to grow a network of entrepreneur partners and customers much faster and larger than ever before.